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the perfect fighter?

Ok with the release of the new tournament dlc for this game I felt a review was neccassary and let's get one thing straight I LOVE street fighter always have and always will, after putting in a total of 200 hours into street fighter 4 I was definetly ready for super street fighter 4. With 8 added characters two of them being comepletely new to the street fighter franchise, new competeitive online game modes, being able to spectate and the ability to watch users replays and save replays to your hearts content super street fighter 4 has to be one of the most complete and perfect fighters to date.
In addition to alternative game modes old bonus rounds and all the other bells and whistles we're also given added balancing since the original street fighter 4, remember those annoying sagat players who only used fireballs and tiger uppercuts and relyed soley on the fact that sagat was the strongest in street fighter 4? well okay so there are still a few of these present but now they are much more beatable and now I see them as a free and easy win rather than a hassle. With the great balancing this game has been given it feels more fair and I never find myself getting too angry at a defeat.
The added replay feature is great, the game gives you the option of downloading and uploading replays so you can view other players and improve your own stratagies even further developing ones seen in users replays. All of these extra features and improvements added to this incredibly deep and rewarding fighting system makes super street fighter an absolute need for any fighting game enthusiast and for such a cheap price how could anyone say no?


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