One-Handed Watch

#1 Posted by Windmills (63 posts) -

I wish that Swatch Internet Time wasn't so downplayed these days, because I really want to buy a one handed watch or clock that measures time in .beats. Anyone else agree?

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

...You mean there are two-handed watches?

#3 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11874 posts) -

I have been using a watch that has no hands for years.

It's called a digital watch.

Also, Swatch Internet Time is THE WORST. THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD!

#4 Posted by Darson (466 posts) -
@Video_Game_King said:

...You mean there are two-handed watches?

#5 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2259 posts) -

I like the idea except that every single engineering constant that involves time, which is a shit load, would have to be converted. For example, gravity which is 9.81 m/s^2 (32.2 ft/s^2) would be 73283 m/.beat^2 (240540ft/.beat^2).

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