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Sword Girls is a free-to-play browser card game. This game was developed by a Korean company and later brought to the U.S. by ChangeYou.


The Lazion Empire is a grand power present in the Sword Girl universe holding most of the territory. One day the empire asks for tributes to be paid, with their vast forces, the smaller countries quickly conceded. However, The Royale Kingdom and The Republic of Vita refused and other countries soon followed. Sword Girls follows the story of four girls within different factions. Sita Vilosa of the Vita faction, Luthica Preventer of the Crux, Iri Flina from the Darklore faction and Linia Pacifica from the Academy. When Sita's friend Vernika is bitten by the vampire, Iri, Sita must go on a quest for knowledge to find some way to reverse the transformation before it's too late.


Vita- Vita Public School is just your average school whether it's from the magic classes, to the monster hunting. The cooking club which can only make cookies, or the over controlling council led by the laid back Celine. Vita has many archetypes which include the cook club, the tennis club, the council members and librarians.

Academy- The academy is the school of the Royale Kingdom. Within the Kingdom are the most graceful of noblewomen and their maids. The archetypes for this faction include Maids, Ladies and the 2S Agents.

Crux- Long ago a goddess went into the land of Crux for an unknown reason. Her words disappeared over the years and those dedicated to her build a church. The Crux are known for their role in the Rift War, where Jaina Preventer pioneered the battle against a monster with the first talentium crafted sword. The Archetypes in Crux are Knights, Seekers, Tarot Arcana, and the Blue Cross.

Darklore- The Darklore features many terrors of the night who lurk in the shadows waiting for their chance to overturn humanity. The Flina clan of Vampires are the ones in control. The Family is split into two different factions fighting for control over the clan; Scardel and Crescent. The archetypes within Darklore include witches, Crescent, Scardel and the GS Soldiers.


The goal of Sword Girls is to make your opponent's character's life reach 0. A maximum of 5 cards can be played at once. And cards on your field can only equal a size of 10 or less. Spell cards are activated before any follower cards attack. Damage to followers are calculated as defender's stamina - (attacker's attack - defender's defense). Followers can attack the character card directly if there are no followers present. The damage to the character card is dependent on the follower's size. A turn starts with the character card effects and each player facing cards face-down. Which player goes first is determined by a coin flip.

There are three types of cards.

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Character cards are depicted by their purple background and usually contains an effect applied every turn and if the character's life reaches 0 the game is loss.

Follower Cards are cards with a red background who have an attack value(lower left) defense (lower middle) and stamina (lower right). The size is found on the upper right of every card. Some followers can even come with additional effects. Followers will attack of their own volition.

Spell Cards are cards with a blue background that activate before the follower cards. They can have various effects such as buffing, debuffing or even direct damage to the character card.

Almost any card can be made from various other cards which all come down to a base ore or accessories. These ore are obtained from clearing floors in the dungeon mode. Tokens which are the currency for the game can be obtained from quests or by purchasing them with real money.

Dungeon Mode

Dungeons are a means to obtain ore. You face various NPC characters in a game and as you progress to the top floor you fight a boss. Clearing a particular dungeon ten times results in obtaining a character card that can only be obtained from that dungeon. Losing against any NPC prior to the boss results in going down one floor. Losing to the boss however forces you to restart the entire dungeon.


Fight mode is where you are pitted against a random player or if one is not found, you are set against an NPC. Winning or losing the fight will allow you to obtain accessories.


The shop is where you can exchange your tokens for a booster pack. A booster pack works on a lottery type syystem, where the buyer will reciece a random card in the booster pack. The packs are seperated by card faction and episode. The chnces of getting a rare card in a booster pack is slim (so be careful). Token may also be spent on a deck (30 cards).


This is where you can replace cards from your deck. You can hold 30 cards in a deck and this is where your deck points are shown. Deck points are determined by each individual card's points. Your deck list is found on the left and cards can be swapped accordingly.


Arena is a mode where you can have practice matches with your friends. Practice match is where you and a friend can both fight each other by entering the same number.

Auto-Play is a certain time of day where the AI plays with your deck and you can win 8 accessories or lose and obtain 4 accessories. Only 1000 people a day can enter Auto-Play.

Ladder is where you fight with people of similar levels to you. This is determined by your deck points.


Lab is an area where you can do many things from training your followers to harvesting ore to crafting cards.

Science Lab

This is where you can make cards. Most cards are made by other cards which eventually come down to being made of base material. You can search for a particular card or even filter out cards by rarity, size or even faction. To see what a card is made out of, you merely have to just click on it.


Given CardIncreased StatDecreased Stat
Spell Card with an even ID NumberWISSENS
Spell Card with an odd ID NumberGLAMPERS
Follower Card with an even ID NumberSENSWIS
Follower Card with an odd ID NumberPERSGLAM

For certain character cards (Luthica, Sita, Cinia, Iri, Vernika and Rosa) this is where you can give them various gifts with tokens or give them cards. Doing so will result in a transformation of the card when the character reaches 100 like. Each card has 4 stats:WIS, SENS, GLAM and PERS. Which ever stat is dominant will result in a different transformation. Having over 200 in every stat will result in a wedding dress transformation. Which has the same effect as the default character, sporting a 36 LIFE rather than 30 LIFE.


Library is where you can exchange 400-1200 tokens for sleeves. These sleeves feature various card arts and are seen on the back of your card. Other players can see your sleeves too!


The classroom is where you can train your follower cards for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours or 24 hours. Finishing a training session will result in obtaining training points(TP) for that particular follower. Having a sufficient amount of training points allow you to upgrade your follower card. You can speed up the training at the cost of tokens.


The gym allows you to upgrade the follower cards with the sufficient points. Upgrading has a 10% chance of success and failure will result in a loss of a copy of the follower card. Advance traing yeilds a higher chance of success, but at the expense of tokens.

Coin Swap

This is a place where you can exchange your coins for other coins, or exclusive followers. Coins can be obtained by completing quests.


The campsite is where you can send an extra character card for up to 24 hours in order to mine for ore. The longer they're left, the higher the chance for more ore. The advanced campsite will allow you to mine for accessories but at the cost of 50 tokens.


Alchemy is where you can transmute your unneeded ore into other ore. You can also transmute accessories into accessories and double rares into double rares. Every transmutation is a 4 to 1 ratio. You get 20 transmutations per week.


This is where you go if you want to break down unneeded cards into accessories. You can exchange 5 cards per day.

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