Any new PC owners want to set up some games?

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I've really wanted to get into the multiplayer since buying it on Amazon and it is a shame how empty it is.

It'd be cool if we could get some people together for a weekend or two to play.

Edit: So I created a Syndicate for people looking to play this game, Syndicate After Death. I also noticed this topic has a bit of views so if people are interested in playing send a friend request on Origin to KWA223 and I'll add you in.

Hopefully we can get some game going soon.

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I picked this up on a recent sale but I haven't started yet, got sidetracked with Far Cry 3.

There was a previous forum post where someone set up a new Syndicate (Zanzibar) and I joined. It has a few regular players that I see on Origin from time to time.

If you want to do some cooping feel free to add me (Origin: jou321). I should be available nights and weekends, EST. I'm normally not logged into Origin, but if you message me via Steam we can play. The coop looks like a lot of fun but I imagine there will be usual bumps for a noob. Would be great to start with someone from the beginning especially since the FC3 coop has been such a disappointment.

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I bought this for TNT, now I should probably play some of it.

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I'm down! Multiplayer's actually pretty fun.

Origin: TheHT

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I'll add both you guys that left your IDs. Mine is KWA223.

I was also thinking about making a syndicate so all of us could keep track of people interested in playing but if there is still a popular one I'd love some info. I just worry most of the people managing that stuff have moved on.

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So a quick update. I met some people playing the game and I got a friend request from someone wanting to play and Syndicate After Death has 2 new members.

So we're getting close to being able to set up 4 person games if anyone following this topic is interested. I should be on tomorrow and the weekend so if you're interested let me know.

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Me too! I would love to play this with some people I wish this was available on Steam maybe it would have more people. Origin: Klaimore

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Origin: GinnoIchijou. I'm all in, I got it specifically for the multiplayer, and haven't gotten to play any yet.

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Origin: Funzzo

Installing now.

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Sorry for the delay. I added everyone who sent me a friend request and sent some out.

I'll add you guys into the syndicate too if you are interested. It's coming along nicely with people that play pretty regularly.

We also have people looking to finish off harder missions if anyone is interested in that.

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I'd be interested in playing w/ you guys. origin name: flashbacck

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Just picked my PC copy up for $5 on Amazon. Never got to play much of this earlier in the year on the Xbox. Could never get into the clan/guild thing. I wouldn't mind trying to get a bit more into it. My Origin name is wemibelec090

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Just got my copy today. I forget my origin name. Gimme a minute EDIT: Add me on origin Gr3as3d

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I sent out more invites to everyone. I should be on this weekend to play if anyone is interested.

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Oh well, seems I'm a week late. But my Origin Name: Rolanthas. I'll probably be trying to find matches next week on and off.

#16 Posted by Reuski (25 posts) -

Anyone still playing the PC version? Just finished up on the campaign and itching to jump into co-op. My Origin name is: Reuski

#17 Posted by Humanity (11849 posts) -

I feel sad everyone is picking this up for PC. I'd love to play with some people but I have it for 360 and yah, it's pretty tough getting a team together and when you finally do, man.. people really don't understand the whole cooperation part of that mode.

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Alright sent friend requests to several of ya. Damn Origin's add friend is so unwieldy. Let's see if some of us can hook up. I had zero luck finding any random matches, and soloing is way too hard for my half-ass leveled profile.

I really shoulda paid more attention to this coop when the game came out. Dangers of backlogging MP.

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Origin: atomico

Feel free to add me for co-op

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Alright, had a bitchin' syndication with Reuski. The game just shines in co-op. Shame I didn't get to check this out sooner.

I sent friend requests / added all in the thread and will be hitting you up with some invites whenever I'm in game. Here's hoping we can get a couple of matches this week.

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Origin: bobo6463

Looking to also do some coop. have tried doing some quick matches but they were always with only one or two people in them making it very hard to get through missions.

#22 Posted by Reuski (25 posts) -

So much fun! It is such a shame this isn't on Steam. I'm sure there would still be a lot of people playing it and no trouble finding games.

Anyways, I added all you'se to Origin. Remember that there is a separate friends list in-game, that does not sync up with the Origin friends. How dumb.

#23 Posted by Klaimore (991 posts) -

OK I've sent Invites to and I hope to be getting some games together soon.

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ok we got a syndicate going for PC folks. Me, reuski, klaimore and freeze_burn911 can invite duders that wanna join up. seems like we'll continue playing this for a while.

it was a hassle to organize the ingame friend list, since,like reuski said, it doesn't sync up with origin . so with the syndicate you can just see whoever's on and join up etc without bothering with 2 separate lists.

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Yeah id play more of this online, but im a bad person to "plan" something like this out. wish the game had more of a community so i could just find a game whenever i wanted.

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Origin: AlwaysBeFlanking

Finally got this game and would like to play the multi-player.

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ok i went ahead and made a Steam group! go ahead and join and we will get this train a rolling!

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So I guess some stuff happened while I was away. I caught the flu and was not able to do much first person shooting.

I'm gonna add most of the people here and hopefully be able to play some games again. The game is dirt cheap on Amazon again so I hope that brings more people!

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Bit late here but I just got the game and am looking for people to play with. Virtually nobody playing at night, and when I do find a game it must be with someone overseas because the lag is terrible. (located in West Coast USA here)

Also, pubs do not care about teamwork, and thus nobody ever finishes a level.

Origin name is the same as this one. If you add me, please let me know via PM on GiantBomb so that I know it's for Syndicate.

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Hi all, I just bought this game too and its co-op gameplay is a whole lot of fun. OriginID: VXXOrigin

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Played a few rounds with EVxx (VXXOrigin) tonight. The random strangers joining in were all really bad but it was a load of fun!

The MP mode is surprisingly deep, with all the chip tech tree upgrades and research. Really wish this game had been marketed and supported more than it was.

Tonight's session has restored my hope in Syndicate! Add me on Origin (let me know you're from GB via site PM or I'll ignore it) and hope to catch you all online.

#32 Posted by EVxx (4 posts) -

It was great playing with Mewarmo. I agree that the game is really deep and MP has alot of replay value. It was alot of fun supporting each other and progressing through the levels.

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