PC Version: Crazy Ass Light Bloom Bug?

#1 Posted by Scotto (1279 posts) -

Is anyone else with the PC version of this game finding it blinding when you're in well lighted areas? There's like this permanent light haze when you're in areas with lots of natural or neon lighting. At first I thought it was a stylistic choice, but now I think it's a bug, because it's making it hard to see enemies and read certain text.

Since the game just unlocked a couple of hours ago, I can't find anyone else talking about this, so I thought I'd start the discussion.

#2 Posted by WeeBee886 (3 posts) -

I've experienced this problem as well as many others. The game was almost unplayable at first due to extremely dark menu. I did sort of fix it (check the topic about black screen), but I still am experiencing the problem you are even with my graphics settings turned down.

#3 Posted by wewantsthering (1652 posts) -

I think it's just JJ Abrams' style lens flare. I noticed it, but in the same way that I noticed it on Star Trek. :-)

#4 Posted by Cynical_Gamer (103 posts) -

It's not a bug. It's a feature.

#5 Edited by Christoffer (2107 posts) -

I think it's supposed to be that way. It looks cool, in my opinion. But maybe it's a bit too much sometimes. I believe you can turn it down (or completely off?) in a cfg file somewhere.

#6 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

Yeah, I assumed that was intended

It's insane, and makes certain areas rather difficult to fight in.. but it's also rather cool somehow.


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