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This pinball machine was manufactured by Data East Pinball Incorporated 1986-1994. If you have the opportunity to play and beat this game; the end credits says "In loving memory of William Gaines" William was the publisher and co-editor of EC Comics responsible for 'Tales of the Crypt'


6- eyeball targets. 3- flippers and pop bumbers. 2- Rollunder spinners, ramps, scoops. It also includes 3 bank drop targets, a captive ball, and an automatic plunger. With a 3 and 6 multiball mode.

This pinball machine had a unique autoplunger that was crafted like a doorhandle with the head of the cryptkeeper on it.  

Art & Design

The overall design and mechanics of the machine was done by John Borg. Kurt Anderson and Markus Rothkranz worked on the art layout. Kurt Anderson also worked on the animation along side Jack Liddon.  

Sound & Music

Brian Schmidt made the music and created the unique pinball sounds for this game. 


Kristina Donofrio Neil Falconer and John Carpenter are credited for the software. 

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