Tales of Monkey Island announced

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That's right, a new monkey island!!!!!!! I'm super stoked for this. Telltale do fantastic games, and the monkey island series is amazing. Combine the 2, and you get one hell of a great series of episodic games.

Link to the Telltale Tales of Monkey Island site

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Ugh. Why 3D? Why? Oh well, it may still be good, their past episodic franchises have been competent. PC & WiiWare, yay.

Horribly compressed vid, it's better on the official website:


Edit: Will there be a new page for each episode? Why not make an all encompassing Tales of Monkey Island forum and then list all of the episodes in that? Maybe they won't even be called "Episode 1, 2, 3 etc" but instead have other subtitles.
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This will be the beginning of a new age my friends. A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A FRANCHISE!!!!!!

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I like how at a press of a button it fades from the newly painted style to the old 8-bit version without any loadtimes or anything. Really neat feature. Oops. Not this game, I'm talking about the 2d remake, not this.

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Supermooseman has literally gone insane since this announcement.

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I already have Jack. It's not even Telltale's best, imo. And you link to the wrong game's trailer. The video says Tales of Monkey Island but it's not.

#8 Posted by Axersia (1622 posts) -

One of my most anticipated games of the year now (and it's gonna be out next month -- OMG!)

Suffice to say -- pre-ordered.

#9 Posted by Absurd (2934 posts) -
@Axersia said:
"One of my most anticipated games of the year now (and it's gonna be out next month -- OMG!)Suffice to say -- pre-ordered. "

:[ I want a Credit Card so I can pre order
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Why didn't they make it 2d?

#11 Posted by Homes (334 posts) -

This game is F'ing hilarious.

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