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Tales of Xillia 2 is the direct sequel to Tales of Xillia, set one year later. It features a new character, Ludger Will Kresnik, as protagonist. New characters Nova, Elle, Julius, and Vell join ToX playables Rowen, Elise, and Leia.

The game was announced for release in North America and Europe for 2014.


Tales of Xillia uses another modification of the Tales battle system known as XDR-LMBS, which is based on ToX1's battle system with dashes of Devil May Cry's weapon switching system, Tales of Vesperia's Fatal Strikes, and Tales of Graces' weakness-exploiting system and more robust side-stepping functionality. Also, Ludger can enter a sort of pocket dimension in a "Devil Trigger-esque" mode slaying enemies solo.


Xillia 2 was the first Tales game developed after the shutdown of Namco Tales Studio Ltd., and the core development team from there remains.

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