Next Elder Scrolls game?

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#1 Posted by ManMadeGod (1625 posts) -

What section (or sections) of Tamriel do you think the next Elder Scrolls game is going to take place in?
How crazy would it be if they made the game cover the whole continent.

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#2 Posted by Emilio (3581 posts) -

I'd like to go back to Vvanderfell/Morrowind, but being able to go across Tamriel would be awesome.
But probably would only happen if it was an MMO.

I couldn't see it really happening unless the game was on a couple discs, even on the PS3.

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#3 Posted by Soap (3773 posts) -

I'm assuming it will be a new part of the world we've yet to see, there are a few that were named in conversations in Oblivion although it's been so long since I played it now I actually can't remember them (sorry :S) either way it should be cool, I reckon it will be more varied a landscape than Oblivion due to the fact that that was one of the major complaints they had from Oblivion.

I think they would leave the entire continent until either the final game (for something truely epic) or as mentioned for an MMO.

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