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Full Name: Tarmicle Roving III
Age: 25
Birthplace: Hokkaido, Japan
Position: Peregrine Falcons, Captain, 1st Squad second-in-command

The calm and collected Tarma Roving came into fame when he rescued the President at age 20; he would then be transferred to the Peregrine Falcons. Tarma's best friends with Marco; he helped Marco fight General Morden in the first war, and when Marco unsuccessfully attempted to retire, Tarma followed suit (with similar results). He wants to someday open a bike shop.

In Metal Slug 6 and 7, it is revealed that Tarma is good with vehicles; under his command, vehicles deal more damage and can take more hits. He can also use the Fixed Shot while inside a vehicle, making it easy to clear large areas while maintaining mobility.

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