lmao if this is seriously the new scout weapon

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roflmao that would be so weird. im pretty sure its just a model for the bat, but its still funny. the movements are so detailed on it, the way it wiggles. What do guys think of it XD. Im almost tempted to hunt down this model if it isnt the new weapon

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I'm calling total BS on it, but lmao.

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NSFW LOL That would be hilarious to see scouts running around with that.

#4 Posted by Vlademir (1029 posts) -

ROFL! If that were the real thing, everyone would play a scout.

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Ever heard of model skins?

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Wow how did they animate it that well. Looks really good for being a dildo that is... funny stuff.

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Notice the Bat icon when he killed the Spies. But yeah, very well made.

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