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In a world of dull brown shooters, TF2 shines out brilliantly

This review is more of a refelction of a veteran TF2 player than an overview of mechanics. I have been playing TF2 since its original beta as a part of the Orange Box, and there really isn't another game that has kept me so passionate and dedicated.
This can mostly be attributed to the game's amazing community and the absolutely ridiculous support by Valve. The game was certainly very fun even in the beta, but it lacked a variety in the maps department.
Now, after 3 years of constant updates (almost 130 at last count), there is still no sign of the flow of new content slowing.
Another reason for the longevity is the amazing community. I've met some of my best friends playing TF2. The way the game promotes teamwork really does a lot towards building friendships in servers, which can be taken out of game very easily with Valve's awesome Steam friends service.
Really, I just wanted to say thank you to Valve for making such an amazing game. I don't anticipate I will stop playing for a very long time.


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