orakk's Team Fortress 2 (Retail Standalone) (PC) review

A superb multiplayer game.

Well, not the best one but, it still rocks really much!

Of course as you would have expected the game would have some funny and detailed graphic. Guess what, you're right. This game is just so funny to just look at and the animations are good too. I would not go into detail because you have to experience the fun yourself before you believe it.

The sounds are really good except when the soldier shoots his rocket gun its the same sound all over again and again. Though, beside that, the sound is really good. If you make a 5-kill spree your character would laugh so much. Its just so hilarious. Every thing you do that there is good going you character would do something.

I have been playing this game really much and if I get tired of it in about 1 month time, I will for sure return again just for the fun because it is just so good and holds such a long time and of course that is not bad at all.

So overall this game would rock your world really fast.

Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 5
Sound: 4
Overall: 4.5


Posted by xruntime

How could you give Sound 4, with all those taunts and player voices?

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