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tekken 4!what can i say about tekken 4?tekken 4 grew really far away from the series by the gameplay ,the new sidewalk feature introduced a lot more smoother sidestep but there is a downfall to that!sidewalk also slowed the sidestep a LOT!and having only three new characters didn´t  help much.kazuya is back eddy gordo is missing!they just can not make a tekken game without someone missing!!!!!!!really it taked me like 35 minutes to complete the whole game,tekken force is too easy as you can kill your enemies with one kick or two punches,it misses out tekken bowling the arcade mode together with time attack was not a very smart desision i mean i just wonder where the hell is time atttack?the storyline was pretty interesting but still.........aldo i still dont understand why some d***kheads complain thet it had less characters then tekken tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyway you should buy tekken 4 because  there aren´t too many brawlers out there!


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    Tekken 3 was a system seller for me. And yes, I just started of a Tekken 4 review with the words "Tekken 3". That's how I roll. So yeah, Tekken 4. I'll TRY to keep this review like the game: Short.Some minor changes have been made to the Tekken formula, for good and for bad. Nothing really stands out to me except the fact that it's now easier to strafe and move around the arena which is great because that was one of the most anoying things in Tekken 3. You also seem to be doing a bit less damage...

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