when this comes out are you gonna buy it( i am)?

#1 Posted by leky1 (953 posts) -
#2 Posted by Mephiles1990 (34 posts) -

Probably not, due to lack of funds on my part, but I'm hoping to get it for my birthday next month, along with Brutal Legend. Of course, I'm job searching at the moment, so Tekken 6 will probably be the first thing I buy with it.

#3 Posted by Zedi (2 posts) -

Of course!!

#4 Posted by MisterMollusk (453 posts) -

I wants it!!!! I'll probably pick it up sometime after christmas or when it goes on sale. after that 5 dollar d2d sale, i can't bring myself to spend 60 bucks on a game.

#5 Posted by Sanj (2692 posts) -

#6 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

..why would you do that?

#7 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -

No, I'm not a fan of fighting games.

#8 Edited by AjayRaz (12664 posts) -

probably. not the biggest fan of fighting games, but it looks solid 

#9 Posted by lolgreg (245 posts) -


#10 Posted by MrGetBonus (792 posts) -

Not at release but I will buy it. Just too much other stuff coming out.

#11 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

No, I haven't been able to enjoy most fighting games since I started playing street fighter.  I just prefer the technical, timing and execution-based combat over most games format of "Hit X until they die".

#12 Posted by dbz1995 (4959 posts) -

There isn't anything for me unique about the Tekken series.

#13 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Nope.  I'm a DoA fan.

#14 Posted by Yummylee (23279 posts) -

due to money constraints it won't be on launch day, but its a definate before 2010 purchase for me

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