Aside from 2D, what's different from Minecraft?

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#1 Posted by kamolahy (155 posts) -

I'm interested, but on internship in NY and don't have my PC here for the summer. What are the lot of differences from Minecraft aside from the obvious 2d-ness of the game??

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#2 Posted by Brackynews (4385 posts) -
Did you watch the quick look? Will does a good job answering those questions. :)
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There's a lot more stuff to do that isn't just building things. There are bosses, and a dungeon and other areas with unique items/weapons. But yeah, quick look probably showcases this stuff better.

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#4 Posted by Brackynews (4385 posts) -

And to not make it like I was trying to be flip about it, while watching the QL I allowed myself a few precious moments of nostalgia for Legacy of the Wizard. Which is a game that should be cribbed more from.

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#5 Posted by Kyle (2376 posts) -

A small but important difference is that your tools dont break and you dont need to memorize crafting recipes. 
Also, you can set up empty houses and NPCs will move in.

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#6 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

The combat is actually fun and worthwhile and the items are cool instead of being useless.

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#7 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2917 posts) -

The game is much more focused around combat and exploring caves instead of building things.
In fact, not to get too judgmental here but, I'd say Minecraft has a better building system.
Of course, Terraria has better combat, a wider selection of enemies, BETTER enemies, more loot, armor sets, cool & interesting weapons, realistic water physics, NPCs that you can get to move into your town, boss battles, your weapons & tools don't break, and it has a more streamlined crafting system.
I kind of wish Minecraft would pick some of this stuff up, cause it's REALLY cool, and it'd be much more fun if I could build in a 3D space while fighting off demon eyes & stuff

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#8 Posted by Jon_Danger (113 posts) -

Really a completely different game.  Sure there is some building an exploration, but Terraria plays more like an Action RPG, grinding mobs for loot, finding chests, upgrading gear, leveling up your health/mana.

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#9 Posted by KailenWolfe (53 posts) -
@kamolahy said:
I'm interested, but on internship in NY and don't have my PC here for the summer. What are the lot of differences from Minecraft aside from the obvious 2d-ness of the game??
Pretty much everything.  
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#10 Posted by dorimajmun (50 posts) -

Game is more fun, but has less to explore. Lot more content though.

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#11 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -
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#12 Posted by Selftest (81 posts) -

After a few  hours of gameplay, the differences are pretty apparent. Building is not the focus, though you can make some cool stuff, and building houses can be fun to build. Having a cool little "town" that your NPCs can live in (Merchant, Arms Dealer, Guide, Dryad, Demolitions guy, Nurse) adds a fun aspect to the game. 
I've found myself doing a LOT of caving. Having the ability to sort of see what's around you (still obsturcted by darkness where there is no light) is sort of cool. The armor and tools and weapons are fun to learn how to make. Plus, you can visit Hell, if you'd like (you will!) 
There are bosses, tons of mobs, cool loot, floating islands, Blood Moon zombie invasions... I like it more than minecraft, personally.
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#13 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

I feel almost bad for saying this but i do prefer it to minecraft as well really... I just hope notch will add some kind of objective or something to minecraft beyond just building things...

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#14 Posted by Vlaphor (232 posts) -

Well, see Minecraft is fun...

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#15 Posted by mamaluigi32 (17 posts) -

Well, your not really collecting things for building and stuff like that. Also, it is a lot more combat based.

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#16 Posted by Barrock (3868 posts) -

You actually have an objective. There are actual bosses. It looks a whole lot better.

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#17 Posted by Sayishere (1853 posts) -

Terraria gets stale when you have all the items and have done everything. Wheras with Minecraft, if you have the imaginative juices flowing, can last you a very long time.

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