This game is really awesome, except when you die.

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Earlier I was playing my medium core character and I managed to finally work my way down to hell, where I made a stupid mistake and got killed. I tried a bunch of times to make my way down again but without my good gear it just wasn't happening. I got fed up and quit for the time being. I picked it up again and finally made it back to the spot where I died, to find all of my gear gone. I know video games ≠ productivity but this REALLY makes it all seem like a waste of time. Even Dark Souls isn't this gnarly when you die.

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The default and original way of playing the game was softcore. Mediumcore was made to appeal to people who like the drop everything system from minecraft (I think?).

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you chose mediumcore and your complaining when the thing that mediumcore does happens?

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I usually just default to whatever the medium difficulty is in games so I figured this would be the way for me, and it DOES say what happens so I am ultimately to blame for picking it. but man, I just don't know if I can play anymore, I would basically be starting from scratch.

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@original_hank: you could always inventory edit your stuff back onto a normal character

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@schreiberty: I wouldn't be that bummed out if I could save my game and come back and get my stuff but the fact that its all gone when you quit is pretty messed up. I don't think they say anything about that.

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I love this game. Minecraft, eat your heart out.

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