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The Dream Scorcher 
Terris-Thule is known as the Dream Scorcher and the Mistress of Nightmares.  She is the daughter of two diametrically opposed gods, Quellious and Cazic-Thule.  It is said that the gods of Tranquility and Fear battled for ages over the realm of dreams.  When neither could gain any ground against the other, they each put forth a portion of their own power to claim the realm.  Morell-Thule, being more like his mother, seeks peaceful sleep for mortals.  Terris-Thule, being more like her father, seeks to torment and instill terror in those who sleep.  The ghastly daughter of The Faceless proudly lives up to her father's expectations.  She is a master of the subconscious and all who enter the state of slumber are at her mercy.  Although most individuals spend the majority of their nights in peaceful dreams, no one can escape the terror of an occasional nightmare.  Those that die in their sleep can often be trapped within her twisted Plane of Nightmare.


In most lore, Terris-Thule is depicted as a tall and alluring in a terrifying way.  Her skin is pale to the extent that is almost gray and her fingers are unnaturally long with their black nails.  The Dream Scorcher wears a silky black gown with hints of deep purple.  Her face is reminiscent of her father, that is to say no face at all, save for two empty, black eye sockets.  Her hair matches her gown; long and black with streaks of purple.  To further instill fright, two massive horns grow from the temples of her head.

Among the Pantheon

Terris-Thule makes her home in the Plane of Nightmare.  She is one of several gods that have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.    

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