Does anyone honestly play this game anymore?

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The thread title should really state the question I have a burning desire to have answered. I bought this game within the week of release, brand new, at a price of £40. I loved the first Test Drive Unlimited game, and figured that this game would be more of the same. How wrong I was.... this game was buggy, poorly structured with a story - or so I've heard anyway, and lacked any feeling of excitement. Eden released a game I felt was unfinished, and my thoughts were further cemented by the fact that my save file invariably corrupted and became unusable, meaning I had to start over again unless I wanted to wait for the patch. Not only this but on the first day or two I couldn't even play it online, because trying to play online invoked the infinite loading screen.
Therefore, I am honestly curious: does anyone still play this game regularly? If not, I won't be surprised. If yes, then I am extremely surprised by the fact. And just to see: is anyone intending to buy this game now the price has likely plummeted? Speaking from my own experience, I do not play it anymore; nor does the other person who had it on my friends list. It lacked any feeling of intensity and due to the sparks between Atari and Eden, it's probable that the free DLC for it may never see the light of day. In short, I was very disappointed with this game. I think this might be my worst of 2011 due to the issues - but does anyone feel different?

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I've read and heard a lot about the game's problems since its launch, but I still want to eventually get it. Listening to some of the songs from the game, it sounds like they've put together a great soundtrack for it, which will make the driving fun, even if the handling is a bit weird. Still not sure if I'd get the PC or PS3 version though.

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It was pretty terrible at launch. I occasionally check their forums to see the progress being made with the patches.

To me it looks like they really haven't fixed any of the problems. It looks like it was pretty much abandoned.

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Last time I played it(About a month after release) It seemed pretty alright, sure there was the occasional server problems.. and the casino was fucked half the time.. but in general it had improved a lot, probably even more so by now

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I still play it occasionally. I am an achievement whore so I guess I will get around to playing it a lot more later on some time.

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When the online service worked, you could see why TDU2 was a great idea on paper. A few buddies and I spent a night cruising around the map just shooting the shit. It was an experience unlike any I'd had in an online video game.

But the physics were really inconsistent, the driving wasn't fun, the bugs and glitches were too many to count. The game looked bad, sounded bad, and played poorly across the board. I didn't even finish the singleplayer races, despite the big achievements, because you are required to explore specific areas with a fine-tooth comb just to unlock the upgrades for your car, nevermind even having the cash to pay for them (which you could only get by winning the races, which you couldn't win because you didn't have the upgrades, which you couldn't get because you hadn't explored enough or you didn't have the cash, which you hadn't done because you couldn't win, so on and so forth).

It was a bad game. Not a totally unenjoyable one, but a bad one.

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I actually really like the game but I haven't played for a 2 or 3 months now. That's not because I found the game to be bad, it's entirely the fault of my gamer ADD.......ooh there's something shiny over there.

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