Just created a GB community club (360 version)...

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And anyone here is welcome to join! Just post your GT and I'll send you a friend request, which I think will allow me to invite you to the club. I also sent a friend request to everyone who posted their GT in the "giant bomb club?" thread. 
The clubs actually seem really cool so far, though I'm still figuring out everything. 
Edit: My GT is Istika

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LLA Cozza Riot 
i prolly won't play till they fix the game, however, so hopefully that will be soon

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They released a 200MB patch yesterday that fixed most of the issues (though the servers are still a little shaky at times). Nevertheless, I just sent you a friend request, and will invite you to the club once you accept it.

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Add me, I'm "afro fools".

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Not on a lot, but shoot me an invite.  
Gamertag: Evpatoria

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Thanks for the invite, my xbox live connection is terrible right now so every time I try and accept your friend request nothing happens... 

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@afrofools @Sir_Ragnarok Cool, I sent you both friend requests, once you accept them I can invite you to the club. 
@zudthespud I don't know what to say, post your GT and I can try sending it again.

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I just done a few races, Donated 100k to the club yesterday, will donate 1mil later today.
We need 5 mil to go up a level, and I think money lets us buy club cars

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@rawdanger Cool, just sent you a friend request. 
@RandomHero666 Nice, I have nowhere near that much cash, but I'll donate when I can. How do the races work? Do you have to race with other members of the club, or do you just race as a representative of the club? </confused>

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@tds418:  I have no idea, But going by the social challenges, We can create races and games for members of the club, and Challenge other clubs to races(need at least 2 people online and in the clubhouse to search)
I also seen we need XP to upgrade the club, and 5mil. Dunno how to get XP
As for the money, just do championships, I did a few earlier, and a Cup, got about 4 or 5mil to waste in the casino :P
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@tds418: I WILL DONATE 1 MILLION DOLLARS TO YOUR/OUR CLUB (in-game money). Hopefully I will be on the Xbox 360 next time you are so I can get into the club :)
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@afrofools: Awesome! I tried to invite you to the club earlier today when I last played TDU2 but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I'll try again next time I'm on.
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Just read about gaining XP, I think we can get it by just racing each other, if any of you want to add me we can do some races sometime to start towards getting a few club cars =]
GT: FuzzyLongcat
Also I have completed all Championships and cups, bought a Yacht and have no way of getting decent amounts of money, anyone got any tips?

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I could use an invite. GT is wimpelmeesje. 
@RandomHero666: I haven't tried it myself but I assume you can restart championships and cups. Seems nearly impossible to buy all the cars and houses otherwise.

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Umm I don't really know what this is but seeing as I don't really have many people to play with online these days, this sounds pretty cool. 
GT = Diabloshadow8

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Cool, I friend requested you wimpelmeesje. Diabloshadow, I looked at your profile on Xbox.com and it seems like you haven't even played Test Drive Unlimited 2! Are you sure you're in the right forum ;) 
We'll be hitting the 8 player limit pretty soon with the club, but it will be expanded to 16 once we upgrade.

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@wimpelmeesje:  You can re-do cups and championships but you earn a fraction of the amount. There is a glitch/trick where you can retry the last race in a cup over and over, getting the prize money each time. 2nd cup has a short last race and 2.5mil prize.. But I can't do it as I've done all cups already.
I will be hitting the casino later to try to get more money, will donate half of what I get
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We have more than enough money now for the first club upgrade, but we need a lot more XP points. Expect in-game invites for club races when I'm online, so we can start racking them up!

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Feel free to invite me any time, I now have a Bugatti :3 
If you see FuzzyLongcat online, i'm up for doing some races or just cruising

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