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Tex Avery is a legendary cartoon director know for his work on some of the early Looney Tunes cartoons as well as his later MGM cartoons.  He co -created many of the famous Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and generally set the standard for (what at the time was) a darker, more comedic, non-wholesome cartoon.  This was at a time when Walt Disney cartoons held the reigns.  
Early Life 
Tex Avery grew up in Texas, where he at first aspired to be a newspaper cartoonist. Some of his drawings made it into his high school yearbook. A popular catchphrase at his highschool was "What's Up, Doc?",  a phrase that he later gave to Bugs Bunny that went on to be one of the most popular cartoon catchphrases in all time.  
After failing to get a job working as a newspaper cartoonist, he perused a job in animation. He worked as an animator  in the Walter Lantz studios ( of Woody the Woodpecker fame), working on many Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ( after Disney ) cartoons. Here a studio accident sent a tack into his eye, causing him to lose vision in one of his eyes. It is speculated that his lack of depth perception contributed to his unique look at animation. 
Looney Tunes 
Eventually, Tex Avery went on to Termite Terrace, a studio where the Looney Tunes cartoons were created. He opted to be a director as opposed to an animator because of what he believed was his poor draftsmanship. Eventually though, he got into an disagreement with management on the ending of a cartoon, causing him to quit 
At MGM,  Avery moved on from working with a cast of star characters. He more so focussed on situations and scenarios.  Because Avery was awarded a higher budget to work with and much more creative freedom, it is believe that here he reached his creative peak.  
Though after his MGM days Avery did not make work as notable as before, he is still remembered as a legend in terms of cartoon direction, with his influence still felt today in many cartoons.

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