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The Bard's Tale strikes a sour note. 0

When your first impression of a game can be summed up as: "Thank goodness I borrowed this and didn't spend any money on it," you know that you're in trouble.  InXile's The Bard's Tale takes its name from the classic PC RPG series of the 1980's, re-imagining it as a top-down hack 'n slash.  While it attempts to be a satire of the genre, The Bard's Tale fails to be anything different than the games it lampoons. In fact, it manages to be a lot worse than any of its cliched ancestors. You play as t...

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The Bard's Tale is a repetitive mess of a game. 0

At the beginning of this game, I found it extremely difficult, but once I started to get use to the summon system and I started leveling up gaining new attacks and weapons, the game just got overly simple. I still died plenty of times, but I never was frustrated by anything since there was always save points around. The game marks your next destination(s) on the map with a yellow marker, so it's always simple to find what to do next if your lost. There was a few sidequests, but not nearly as muc...

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Surprisingly awesome! 3

I actually had great hopes for this game before release, being myself a fan of the original Bard's Tale. To my great disappointment it wasn't well received by critics so it sort of went off of my radar. Eventually my friend bought himself a copy and told me it was an okay game with some funny quotes, so I asked him to lend me his copy and who would have thought? This game is great! You're the Bard, a sort of Han Solo type character who's only in it for himself. And unlike Solo, the Bard's heart...

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“Oh, its Bad Luck to Be You. Diddly Doo.” 0

Ah, wine, women, and song what more can you want from a game? Except maybe a story that can hold its liquor, women worth looking at and songs that are not constantly recycled.  In the Bard’s Tale you play as the Bard, a adventurer on a journey to save the princess who is locked up in a tower by an evil usurper. Now if this premise sounds painfully familiar that would be because it is and the developers know it. One of the main hooks for the Bard’s Tale is that it is a spoof off the whole fantasy...

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