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The Chimp at the Underground Ice Rink, waiting for Mario. 
The Chimp is a blue monkey who appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is extremely competitive and is first met in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, 
where he declare Mario to be a worthy high-climbing rival. Mario must compete with him in six minigame challenges, each with a different theme. If Mario succeeds, The Chimp will surrender a Power Star.

Challenges For Mario 

  • The Chimp's Bowling Challenge
  • The Chimp's Skating Challenge
  • The Chimp's Stomp Challenge
  • The Chimp's Score Challenge
  • The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge
  • The Chimp's Coin Challenge
To win these Stars, Mario must beat The Chimp's score within the time alloted. If Mario successfully matches or beats his score, then he'll earn a Power Star for his performance. Here's a lowdown on the missions: 

Mission Lowdown 

  • In The Chimp's Stomp Challenge, Mario must stomp as many enemies within two minutes. If Mario scores 10,000 points or more, then you win a Power Star.
  • The Chimp's Score Challenge works the same way as the Stomp version. Again, 10,000 points or more earns him that Power Star.
  •  The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge. Here, Mario skates very well.
    The Chimp's Skating Challenge allows him to skate to these Gummits within the time alloted. If Mario's total score is 500 or more, then that Power Star is yours to take. The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge works the same way, but with 600 points as the target score. You can find him at the Underground Ice Rink in the Shiverburn Galaxy and the Freezy Flake Galaxy.
  • The Chimp's Bowling Challenge allows him to play a bowling game with Rock Mario and the pins. If Mario earns 5,000 points or more, then that Power Star is yours to keep.
  • Last, but not least is The Chimp's Coin Challenge. This is the same as the other two scoring challenges, but with a three-minute time limit. 10,000 points or more is the required score for that Power Star!

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