Does Dark Athena includes the extras from the Director Cut?

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I've been having an itch to play this game and since I now have a gaming PC I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to revisit this game. I would like to know if I should get the Director's cut or the Dark Athena remake. Does Dark Athena includes all the extra items like the extra cigg packs, commentary, and that extra level from the Director's Cut?

I tried googling it but most answers were very vague.


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The extra level is definitely in there, I don't remember if the commentary or prototype levels are in it though. I believe the commentary is in it, but its been a while since I've played it and I don't have it installed.

Either way, the remake has some tweaks to some of the levels in it and overall its better looking. Also, you get Dark Athena.

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@SomeDeliCook: How is Dark Athena anyways. I remember people were not too keen on it since it focused more on shooting then stealth.

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I haven't beat it myself, Butcher Bay's campaign is definitely the better one. I've beaten Butcher Bay at least 3 times, got halfway through the game a few more than that. Dark Athena feels way more linear but it is still an alright game. There were a few good stealth parts I remember and they involved drones that have lights that would change if they were seeking you out or if someone was controlling them (making them more intelligent and less forgiving if they see you)

I remember thinking the gun mechanics are way more improved in the remake. They weren't as floaty as they were in the original game. So Butcher Bay gets improvements beyond just graphics.

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I remember really liking the new characters in Dark Athena. The acting was top notch.

I also remember the second half being boring as fuck.

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i dont think it has all that commentary stuff. the campaign isn't bad, i liked it. it has multiple ending syndrome though if you know what i mean. the story and characters are really cool though

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