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The Deadmines is an low-level instance and a level 85 heroic instance located in Moonbrook, Westfall. It is one of the first instances which new players will encounter. The Deadmines are underground tunnels infested with humans, goblins and others serving the Defias Brotherhood.

History of the Deadmines

During the first war, Anduin Lothar went to the Deadmines on a quest to retrieve the Tome of Divinity. He was captured by a band of Ogres, and was held captive for twenty months. He was rescued, and was able to find his task.

Bosses of the Deadmines (Cataclysm)

The instance was given a complete revamp in Cataclysm. The new bosses are:

Bosses of the Deadmines (pre-cataclysm)

There are 9 bosses in the Deadmines, whereas one of them is a Rare spawn. After a recent patch, they all drop Rare quality loot.


Rhakh'Zor is an ogre and the foreman in charge of Edwin VanCleefs building projects. It is a very straight-foward fight, tank and spank, against a mob that has a lot of health. Drops a nice two-handed mace.

Miner Johnson (Rare)

Miner Johnson is a rare spawn. Nothing special about him, except that he drops a rare-quality shield or a rare-quality cloak.

Sneed's Shredder

Sneed's Shredder is as it sounds, it's Sneed's shredder. It's a mechanic, with a saw-blade for one hand and a gripping claw for another. When he is killed the fight goes over to fighting the pilot, Sneed, but both Sneed and the Shredder has individual loot tables. The Shredder can drop a rare-quality sword or a rare-quality dagger, and the quest item for the quest Underground Assault.


Sneed is the pilot of his Shredder and he is spawned once the Shredder is killed. A fun note is that he has hair when you fight the Shredder, but when you fight him on the ground he has no hair. He can drop some rare-quality cloth gloves or a rare-quality two-handed axe.


Gilnid is a goblin smelter in the forge of the Deadmines. He is the head-smelter of VanCleef and was cast out of Booty-bay because of one of his experiments went amok in the midst of Booty Bay. He's another straight-foward fight and he can drop a rare-quality ring or a pair of rare-quality leather pants.

Mr Smite

Mr Smite is the First Mate (under Captain Greenskin) of the Juggernaut being built in the Deadmines. He is guarding the passage to the boat and has to be defeated before you can enter the boat. He is one of the first bosses who is actually split up into phases. At a set percentage he stuns the entire group for seven seconds whilst he retrieves a new weapon. He will firstly switch to dual-wielding two axes and lastly change over into using a large hammer. He can drop a rare-quality two-handed mace, a rare-quality one-handed sword or a rare-quality one-handed axe.

Captain Greenskin

Captain Greenskin is the captain of the boat being built in the Deadmines. He is a goblin accompanied by two normal trash mob elites, which should be dealt with firstly. He has two special abilities: one which is him chucking his harpoon at a player, dealing physical damage plus 30, and then poison damage over time. His second ability is a cleave, hitting the player he has aggro on and his nearest ally. Captain Greenskin can drop a rare-quality polearm, a rare-quality staff or a rare-quality leather belt (which is one of the few boss-drops that are binds on equip).


Cookie is a murloc and is the head chef of the Juggernaut. If the players have been moving through the instance normally then Cookie will most probably be encountered after VanCleef, and he's not a must to kill if you want to finish the instance. He has a poison ability, which shouldn't cause that much of a problem. He can drop a rare-quality one-handed mace or a rare-quality wand and also a non-combat cat.

Edwin VanCleef

Edwin VanCleef is the final boss of the Deadmines. He will begin the fight with two level 19-20 elite mobs and when he passes through below 50% he will spawn another two. Many groups ignore the adds and just keeps on dealing damage onto VanCleef, but it is also possible to kill the adds and then move onto VanCleef. Before you engage this boss you should make sure to kill Captain Greenskin, or he might join into the fight and it can be fatal to your group. He can drop a rare-quality leather chest, a rare-quality one-handed sword, a rare-quality cape or a rare-quality cloth chest.

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