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 Who said spelunking was a safe hobby?
The Deep Cave is a side-scrolling platformer, akin to VVVVVV and other masochistic platformers. The game, developed by Pennybridge Game Studio, was released on November 23, 2010 for the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, for 80 Microsoft points (equivalent to $1.00). The Deep Cave received decent reception, topping the sales charts for several days after its release. There has been some discussion of a sequel or a PC version of The Deep Cave. On December 13, 2010, Pennybridge released a YouTube video depicting a possible expansion or sequel to The Deep Cave.

The game stars Pi, a young boy who decides to explore a cave. Throughout the game, Pi will occasionally discuss various aspects of the cave with the player. There are multiple endings in The Deep Cave, depending on how many deaths the player accumulates throughout a single playthrough of the game.


 Later rooms contain tougher obstacles.
The game plays like many other side-scrolling platformers. The player controls Pi, a small boy with a penchant for cave exploring, as he goes from room to room. Each room has various obstacles to overcome, ranging from enemies to environmental obstacles. The Deep Cave, like many other masochistic platformers, keeps track of the player's deaths (which then factors into the ending of the game).

 Gravity reversal in action.
Pi has one ability; he can jump. Thus, this game is all about dodging obstacles and reaching the next room. As the game progresses, these obstacles become more and more elaborate. What began as just stationary spikes, by the end of the game, will be a large monster who bursts through the floor when triggered. Another key part of the game are gravity reversals, which come in the form of bars of light (vertically or horizontally) that influence the direction that Pi falls.

The Deep Cave does contain a save system, allowing players to save their progress at any time during normal gameplay. When loaded, the player respawns at the beginning of whatever room they were previously in.    

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