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Demoness Concept Art
Demoness Concept Art

Intended to be the progenitor of an entire race of magically adept creatures loyal to Eidolon, the Demoness was born from the dark sorcery of her master, the eldest of the Serpent Riders. Eidolon himself personally attended to her training, which granted her knowledge and discipline beyond the scope of her years and the grasp of Eidolon's other minions. Despite the extensive tutelage she received from the most powerful of the Serpent Riders, however, the nascent nature of her abilities left her in no position to aid her creator when he came under assault by the four heroes of Thyrion. With Eidolon's unexpected defeat, the purpose for which she had been created was denied her, and the dark lord she had worshiped was banished from the realm.

Filled with demonic rage at the passing of Eidolon, the Demoness dedicated herself more so than ever to the acquisition of additional power, knowing that it was only a matter of time before she could exact vengeance on those who dared to slay her master. Her ultimate goal was to gain strength sufficient to summon Eidolon back to the world of Thyrion, though with the arrival of Praevus her immediate plans would change dramatically. That someone would presume to control the soul of Eidolon was a crime she could not abide, and the support of many former servants of Eidolon only added insult to injury. Her revenge upon the four heroes would one day come, but for the time being the death of Praevus and all who followed him took precedence.

Play Style

In gameplay terms, the Demoness' most meaningful distinction from other classes is her starting weapon, Blood Fire. She is the only playable character with a ranged attack that is not dependent on mana or other resources (the Crusader possesses a mana-free projectile, though he only has access to it while using a Tome of Power). As it is almost always preferable to tackle foes from outside of melee range, this dramatically affects her play style in comparison to the stock Hexen II classes. The Demoness essentially never has to resort to close combat, and even later in the expansion Blood Fire can be a safe and effective way to hand certain enemy types without tapping into mana reserves. Though it is not the preferred way to deal with the game's tougher foes, Blood Fire's utility still results in the Demoness being markedly less dependent on mana than other classes, especially in the early goings.

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