Can I no longer go through the rest of the quests...?!

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So, I was playing Skyrim the other day (as I'm sure many of you were/are/going to), and during a dungeon crawl I got attacked by a vampire. and due to that attack, I contracted that Vampiris disease or whatever. At first I thought, "oh shit, I better cure it"... But then I figured I might as well just see what being a vampire is like. Might be kinda cool in the world of the Elder Scrolls. And so, after three days of, the disease developing, my female Dark Elf Destruction Mage became a full-blown, sparkle-free vampire... HOWEVER, EVERY SINGLE PERSON NOW HATES ME (EVEN QUEST GIVERS!!!) BECAUSE THEY ALL SOMEHOW KNOW I'M A BLOOD-SUCKING CREATURE OF THE NIGHT (EVEN THOUGH MY CHARACTER IS LITERALLY COVERED IN CLOTHING FROM HEAD TO TOE - INCLUDING A MASK)!!! EVEN THE DUDE WHO SUPPOSEDLY KNOWS SOME SHIT ABOUT VAMPIRES AND COULD FIND A CURE FOR ME NOW HATES ME!!! I CAN'T EVEN GO INTO FUCKIN' WHITERUN, WHERE MY STORY QUEST IS RIGHT NOW!!! WHAT DO I DO?! I'M ALREADY OVER TWENTY HOURS IN!!! I DON'T WANNA RESTART AT THIS POINT!!! IS THERE SOME OTHER WAY TO CURE THE DISEASE?! IS THERE MAYBE A DUDE IN THE DARK BROTHERHOOD WHO COULD HELP ME OUT...?! Surely, they wouldn't attack me on first sight... OR WOULD THEY...?! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!


Sorry for the storm of upper case letters. I really wanted to get across how frustrated/frightened I was.

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You have to feed as a vampire, you got to the last stage without feeding at all, which means people know you're a vampire and kill you on sight.

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I think it works like this: There are 4 stages of vampirism. When you get to the last stage, you're a scumbag who's attack on sight. The key is to feed. Drink the blood of someone sleeping. Break into a house and sneak around. Then you should go back to stage 1 and be pretty normal looking. So you gotta balance it out.

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You need to feed on a npc. This will reduce your vampirism and people wont attack you anymore.

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I've spend 98 of my 112 in-game days as a Vampire. It's great if you're a sneaky person. every now and then I stop by a farmhouse in the wee hours and suck someone off. Then go do whatever missions I wanna do for 4 days. Dark brotherhood missions are fun.. I bite contracts before murdering them, just to add insult.

Also!! You can feed on a follower, just instruct them to sleep in a bed then tuck in, handy as a mobile beverage

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@RandomHero666 said:

 every now and then I stop by a farmhouse in the wee hours and suck someone off.

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Yeah just feed, in future make saves when you make game changing decisions.

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Thanks a bunch. I am certainly no saint in my game, so sneakin' around and suckin' people's blood should be no problem.

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