Deadliest Warrior: Ep.1 - 15 Pyromancers VS 15 Witches

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So I've been waiting around for some good mods to come out (dev creation kit), meanwhile I've been tinkering around some basic commands. I've always wondered if a Whiterun guard was stronger than a Necromancer, or in this case, a Witch against a Pyromancer. Well in this little series I will pit the strongest/(weakest?) characters of Skyrim at each other and determine who is the deadliest warrior. Since all or most of the fights will be humaniods, I have decided to give all of the NPCs equal health. The determining factor will be how well the warrior fights. Although I may alter that if I want to stack sides against a stronger opponent.

It would be awesome if this game had a combat log then I could tally up scores and other statistics..Anyways, enjoy the first episode. I may have to re-shoot this one later on cause a damn dragon appeared out of nowhere. :\

Episode 2 Here, Episode 3, Episode 4

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I enjoyed the hell out of that. The dragon might have made it even better, though...

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@Make_Me_Mad: Thanks, Yea totally agree it was too epic when I saw it, poor witches :P

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That was epic bro! Now back to Skyrim.

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Nicely done! Now do mammoths vs ice trolls.

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That was a great effort. If you have the editing skills try and make it like the TV Show with an introduction, fighter profiles and maybe some colour commentary if you have the voice for it.  

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Thanks guys!

@Masha2932: if I get some more ideas, experience and free time I'll up the production values for the following episodes :)

*Good news is I have created a bat file to run all my basic commands and wrote down essential information so I can pump battles out much faster.

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That was pretty great, lookin forward to the next one.

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Good job! I was wondering if you set them higher level if they would burn each other down faster? Maybe that isn't a good thing, just a thought. My vote for next fight would be hagravens vs draugr overlord or scourge because they have shouts and not as powerful as the deathlords. Could be interesting!

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Kinda unbalanced. The dragon attacked the witches and the pyros were all Dummer's so they have 50% fire resist

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Nicely done! I'm interested in seeing the next one.

And yeah, dragons always tend to show up when you least expect,

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That was really great. I look forward to the next one!

#13 Posted by mrcool11 (469 posts) -

If NPC battles are art (and they basically are), you sir, are Michelangelo

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Do more of these. put a bit more time into building it up... could be a fun 10 minute video

#15 Posted by Shadow (4979 posts) -

Very cool! You know what would be awesome? 5 guards from each major city in a battle royal. I want to see which city is protected the best

#16 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

Thanks for the ideas guys I'd like to get another episode out tomorrow night. Should be good ;-)

#17 Posted by Redhorn (224 posts) -

Loved it! Imperials vs Stormcloaks? A pack of Forsworn vs a troll? Werewolves vs vampires? 20 khajit vs a giant!

#18 Posted by fetchfox (1260 posts) -

Loved this. Looking forward to your next battle!

#19 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Awesome. It's like Garry's Mod in Skyrim.

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That was pretty crazy. Fireballs all over the place.

#21 Posted by Thumbrunner (131 posts) -

Really awesome. My favorite part of Skyrim is the craziness that can happen, and this happens to be the epitome of crazy! Keep up the great work.

#22 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

I'm about to film the second episode (battle scene), A hint, each side has a disease that gives you superpowers.

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I'm looking forward to the craziness.

#25 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

Craziness episode 2 is encoding then off to youtube should be up in an hour or so if all goes well :-)

#26 Posted by BraveToaster (12590 posts) -

That was cool. I would like to see the Jarls fight to the death.

#27 Posted by Neferon (262 posts) -

Haha, awesome. How about the thieves guild vs the dark brotherhood? Who has... the deadliest warriors?

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I know the most important episode you could ever do.

1 Dragon vs 100 Horses

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@ImHungry: lol that would be epic but my computer would probably explode, the weird thing is that the game can run fairly smooth with a large number of enemies on screen. Although as of now the PC version is weird and crashes a lot! I have figured out ways to get around this but the more stress you put on your hardware, especially for a year old PC, the more problems you run into. Just earlier though I was messing around with some 60 odd skeletons and no crash until i started loading new zones. 
My new episode uploaded today have a look!
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Totally enjoyed this! Looking forward to the next one

#31 Posted by Nux (2330 posts) -

That was very well done, good job sir.

#32 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

@Nux said:

That was very well done, good job sir.

Thanks! Ep. 3 is in progress but holidays an family time has distracted me a bit :-P

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I think the random dragon incounter was awesome you shouldn't re-shoot it lol.

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That was pretty hilarious. Keep it up!

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Holy crap! So much fire!

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