Glitches are discouraging

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I'm currently level 35 which means I've played for some time and for all that I have yet to run into a big glitch until now. I'm trying to complete the second part of the quest "Blood on Ice" in Windhelm and right now I'm told to catch the killer but its glitched. From what I've read, I'm supposed to kill and loot him but because my game glitched, the killer is invincible which renders this quest impossible to complete. So far I haven't found any fix for it since I play it for 360. Also because of this, I doubt I can even buy the house.

Does anyone know if they're planning on shipping out a patch for these kinds of things? Also if there is a way to fix it, please help.

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Reload an earlier save and choose a different route to finish the quest.
There are at least 3 from memmory.
For example you could just pin the blame on the court mage.
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@Tennmuerti: I already did, that was the first half, apparently the killer is still out there so when I talk to the mage in jail, he says to go patrol the city but before I even step foot outside, it says to go catch him, pretty much saying I've searched and found him. He then runs to the house you're able to buy but he attacks on site and like I said earlier, he's invincible. Now I know I'm not the only who has experienced this since its a reported bug on the Skyrim wiki

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Then have you tried not putting the mage in jail?
And just catching the killer straight away. (ie don't put the wizzard in jail)
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@Tennmuerti said:
@Double0hFor:  Then have you tried not putting the mage in jail? And just catching the killer straight away. (ie don't put the wizzard in jail)
This might work. There is more then just one way to finish this quest. 
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@The_Laughing_Man: @Tennmuerti: I wish I could but I did the first part way earlier in the game, around when I was in the teen levels when I first visited the city so that solution is out of the question

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I havn't played Skyrim but in oblivion glitches like this could be fixed by doing another quest and then coming back to the area later.

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