Is this playable on PS3 yet?

#1 Posted by PandaBear (1384 posts) -

The title is everything really -- is this game playable on PS3 yet? A friend of mine played it on PS3 for 100+ hours and experienced a lot of the stuttering and other annoying bugs, so I'm just wondering if I get it (even with the new patches) will it still suck? It looked borderline unplayable from what I saw .... I'm hoping it's better. Not perfect is fine, but better than it was is all I need to hear.

#2 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3085 posts) -

Only if you want to play in a suplex-free Skyrim.

#3 Posted by StrainedEyes (1331 posts) -

@ShadowConqueror said:

Only if you want to play in a suplex-free Skyrim.

That patch is coming to consoles soon enough...

#4 Posted by GeneralZod37 (267 posts) -

After the last patch I still had some trouble with some quests. There weren't completely broken, but it was a pain in the ass finding ways to make them work. Basically, it is better than it was. Much better.

#5 Posted by Spoonman671 (4769 posts) -

The game is much smoother now from my experience.  You're probably safe.

#6 Posted by PandaBear (1384 posts) -

@Spoonman671 said:

The game is much smoother now from my experience. You're probably safe.

That's what I actually care about ... I can deal with bugs (it's a Bethesda game), but that stuttering looked unbelievable. I guess I'll take the plunge soon than.

#7 Posted by Etnos (245 posts) -

I started this week, seems Ok after 10 hours. Looks slightly better than the 360 version.

#8 Posted by FoxMulder (1711 posts) -

Yup, it's good now. Load times are noticebly longer for larger save files, but I'm sure that is nothing they can fix. Got deep into it again after the last patch and plan on going back to it here and there throughout the year!

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I don't understand what people are talking about. In my own experience i've played it on the PS3 from day one and it's fine. Aside from one or two quest bugs and or other normal sandbox game jank, i've never experienced this stuttering problem. Also, that frame rate issue with large save files was officially fixed in the last patch on consoles if thats what this is about. Maybe it's an issue with launch PS3 hardware or something. I have a 4th gen PS3 circa 2009. Maybe 360 would have the same issues but all the launch 360's already red ringed.

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I played it on my brother's PS3 a few days ago and it was as smooth as a baby's bum.

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Yup, stuttering has gone and frame rate is much better. Not had a problem since the update apart from about two freezes whilst loading.

#12 Posted by c0pper78 (2 posts) -

Fully playable now on PS3 - I am currently 60+ hours in without any problems.

#13 Posted by DillonWerner (1520 posts) -

They've released enough updates so I'd assume that it is perfectly fine to play.

#14 Posted by c0pper78 (2 posts) -

the latest update is due very soon, adding kill cams for bows/spells & some other fixes.

#15 Posted by Morrow (1823 posts) -

I never experienced this infamous bug. My savefile was about 9.5 MB big and I had neither lags nor freezes.

But I also switched my 80GB harddrive with a 320GB one last year and there's still plenty of room on it.

#16 Posted by Tsoglani (585 posts) -

I had plenty freezing and crashing prior to 1.4, sometimes it crashed 3 times in as many hours, but after downloading 1.4 I have not had it crash on me once (though I have likely cursed myself here!), so overall it has been a better experience. I never really got crazy fps drops like others say bar Whiterun and Riften, but even those two cities are much smoother now. The only thing I have noticed is momentary frame rate drops that last for half a second or so but then the frame ups quickly back up to normal. I have 100 hours, level 38. Overall, that 1.4 worked wonders for my game.

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