Trouble in paradise

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So I'm out adventuring as a Dovakhin often does, and one of my quests requires me to go back to Solitude. I figure while I'm there I may as well check in on my wife Uthgred, see how she's doing, maybe get my cut from the store and a home cooked meal. So I go back to Proudspire and walk upstairs. I see she's relaxing, having a meal at the table. When I go to say hi she get's up, tells me that I never should have come here, and starts swinging her fucking great sword at me. I let her chase me around the table a few times hoping that we can talk it out like rational human beings(I tried unsheathing and sheathing my weapon) but whatever it is she seems that she's already decided to remove my head from my shoulders for it. So in self defense. I unsheathe my dagger and stab her in the gut. After in a panic, I drag her to the closed room in my basement where I hide my stolen goods, strip her down, and lay her on the sleeping bag.

Now my question to you people is can I, and if so, should I remarry? Is this a glitch or is this something that happens eventually? Honestly, I think she wanted that big solitude house, my gold, and my treasures all to her self.

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The chasing around the table part made me laugh. No you wont be able to remarry, without console commands at least.

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Tell your new wife to "Never go in the basement!"

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@DaemonBlack: That sucks. Playing on 360 so no console for me. Ah well.

I guess this is what happens when the basis for your marriage is you beat your wife in a fistfight.

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Tell your new wife to "Never go in the basement!"

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You can re-marry. Also, it's your choice.

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Great thread. I came into Solitude once to find my wife in a heap on the ground. No explanation, just a bunch of townspeople walking by and commenting on the body.

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@BraveToaster: Do I just go back to riften and start from the beginning? I guess it couldn't hurt to try.

@Sparky_Buzzsaw: That's kind of awesome. Who else has hilarious Skyrim wife stories?

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