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I have heard the name Elder Scrolls a number of times in the past and I never really bother to look into it. I recenlty saw the game again while I was watching a countdown about weird glitches and saw the game on Amazon. Here is what I'm wondering. What is Elder Scrolls about? From what I can tell its a nice looking action rpg. It looks interesting and I'm wondering what the story is with the series. I'm thinking about picking up the games but i want to know more about it the series before I do. & in case anyone was wondering which ones I was thinking about picking up, it would be the 4th and 5th games mainly because they're on the 360 and I have a 360.

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No real offense but have you been living under a rock? Elder Scrolls is one of the biggest (If not biggest) RPG series out there. Go watch the Skyrim quicklook. Huge open worlds with lots of quests and loot. Each game has a different story. There is WAY to much to say about the games so go check out a wiki or a review of the games.  

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It's only the biggest thing to happen in video games last year. Multiple game of the year awards. Sold 3,4 million in 2 days.
Seriously though, you're plunged into a huge world, you pick a race at the start of the game and you level up by using skills. The game starts you on a quest, but you can completely abandon that when you're done with the tutorial. You're free to go where you please, you'll run into different characters, do various quests and discover new locations.

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