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The Hub is a merchant Metropolis founded in 2093. It has several major merchant companies or caravans, including the Far Go Traders (a reference to Brian Fargo), Crimson Caravan and Water Merchants. The Hub is made up of five districts, the Entrance, the Heights, Oldtown, Downtown and Water Merchants quarter.

The Hub is ruled by the merchant council, which is made up of 2 representatives of each major caravan faction. In Fallout 2 those the Far Go Traders, Crimson Caravan and Water Merchants.


Iguana Bob

In 2093 the hub was "founded" by a man named Agnus, who set up a camp in a filthy oasis near a rather preserved town, eventually he began trading with other settlements. In 2096 a man named Harold became the leader of a prominent caravan. He took his caravan to nearby towns and villages, although the caravan would come under attack by raiders from time to time, the caravan prospered. Eventually mutants started attacking it, and in 2102 Harold financed an adventuring party to find the source of the mutants. He consulted with the Hub doctor and scientist, Richard Moreau, together with two others they formed a party and and managed to trace the mutant source to Mariposa Military Base. They were met with heavy resistance by the still active robots, and both men were exposed to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. After several months, Harold was found by his merchant caravan out in the wastes. Harold was no longer human, but rather a creature similar to a ghoul, with a tree growing out of his head. Horrified, his former comrades and employs left him in the hub without anything. Harold would eventually become the unofficial leader of ghouls and mutants in the Old Town part of the Hub.

In 2120 Agnus became mayor and governor of the Hub, he managed to organize a defense against the viper raiders, but was killed in 2125. This event triggered the Great Merchant Wars that lasted 2 years, from 2126 to 2128. A group of merchants seized the water tower in the hub, forcing anyone who wants a drink to buy water from them. This group became known as The Water Merchants, and they sealed off their part of the town. Eventually a man named Roy Greene managed to negotiate a peace, by forming the Hub's Central Council, that was made up of two representatives of the major merchant factions in the Hub.

In 2131, by the orders of The Master, the Hub caravans came under attack, blame was given to raiders and wild deathclaws, when in fact it was the super mutants. They tried to capture anyone in a caravan so they could produce more super mutants by dipping the prisoners in an FEV vats.

In 2140 The Hub Underground was created by the criminal boss known as Decker. The Underground was a great criminal threat that tried to wrestle control of The Hub. The Vault Dweller makes his way to the Hub in 2141, wiping out the Hub Underground.

In 2189 the Hub becomes one of the five founding states of the New California Republic, along with Shady Sands, Dayglow (San Diego), Maxson (Lost Hills Bunker) and Boneyard (Los Angeles).


Due to the Hub having survived nuclear Armageddon without taking too much damage, most of the buildings are left standing, and are in pretty good condition. The town is divided into several districts.

Hub Districts
The Entrance
The Hub Entrance, as the name might suggest, is the place where caravans come and go, as well as many independent traders and visitors. When looking at the caravans one could see the caravan leaders plotting courses and routes, heavily armed mercenary guards as well as brahmin loaded with goods. The entrance, as the outskirt of the Hub is also used for agriculture.
The Hub Downtown is the main area of the town, and perhaps just as lively as the entrance. A bazaar of sorts, where if someone wants it, they can get it. For a price. Weapon stores, armor stores, chem stores, miscellaneous stores. From powerful assault rifles, to metal armor, to psycho and buffout, to stimpacks. Everything can be found here. The Downtown area is protected by the Hub police who carry shotguns and AK112s. There's also a merchant, Iguana Bob, who sells a weird tasting meat.
Oldtown is a part of the Hub where a small number of ghouls lives. It's also the center for the blackmarket. More powerful, and therefore more expensive weapons, armor and ammunition can be found here. Along with a chem dealer. The Hub's mutant leader, Harold can be found in Oldtown as well.
The Heights
The Heights, as the name may suggest, is the most prestigious part of the Hub, and upper class residential area. Here only the wealthiest of merchants live. It was founded by Daren Hightower, and he has armed guards patrolling his estate. Anyone caught there after dark is shot. Due to the luxury of the elitist living here, the heights has caught the eye of the Thieves guild led by Loxley, who robs the rich and gives to the poor.
Water Merchants
Water Merchants are the most powerful merchants as they control the liquid that is wroth more than gold. They rose to prominence during the Great Merchant Wars (2126-2128), when they took over the water towers in the Hub and demanded a toll be paid by anyone who wanted to drink. They now supply much of the wastes with water and charge a steppe fee.
The Church of the Children of the Cathedral can also be located here.


The hub is ruled by a council of the most powerful merchant companies.

  • The Crimson Caravan is considered to be crazy, as they take the most dangerous routes, but they also pay their guards the most. Crimson Caravan is led by Demetre Romera in 2161.
  • The Far Go traders are the most balanced trading company, they have trouble with their caravans being raided (even more so) than the other caravans. They are led by a man named Harris, who is also good friends with Elder John Maxson of the Brotherhood.
  • The Water Merchants are the last major trading company, they're rather unscrupulous as their goods, water, gives them a huge advantage.
  • Hub Police, led by Sheriff Justin Greene, they secure the Hub from various thugs and would-be killers. Their main concern are The Hub Underground and The Thieves Guild.
  • Hub Underground, led by a criminal boss named Decker, they are a ruthless bunch. Decker hires many thugs and visitors as killers, and should they betray him, they would never see the light of day.
  • Thieves Guild, led by Loxley, they are, as the name suggests, a group of thieves. They steal from the rich and give to the poor.
  • Children of the Cathedral have a Church in the Water Merchants part of town. They offer free healing to those in need.

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