Stalkers - (Warning Possible Spoilers!)

#1 Posted by Rikka_Hyou (13 posts) -

So, as the title suggests. I want to talk about the Stalkers.

How many have people seen? I mean aside from when you get separated from Ellie in the hotel and need to turn the generator on (3 there I believe)

I ask this because I completed the game last night, and was reading through my stats. I saw that I had killed 0 Stalkers at all, and couldn't remember fighting any, at all. Let alone if they looked any different. A quick Google search tells me I'm dumb though and that they are around.

I'm wondering if I start up a game on NGP, or on a harder difficulty(Not normal), will more appear?

Anyone else play on the harder difficulties have any info to share?

#2 Posted by MEATBALL (3607 posts) -

I can only remember encountering them in the section you mentioned, though I didn't even realise they were stalkers. It's hard to say, because I'm guessing any stalkers I came across I probably mistook for Runners.

#3 Posted by Barrock (3556 posts) -

The strategy guide says they are found in Pittsburgh and The Suburbs.

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The stat I can see on this list is "Stalker stealth kills" - not straight up Stalkers killed.

Note, stalkers are supposedly half way between normal infected and clickers - they walk around instead of standing there crying and can see you, so they're the hardest to stealth kill outside of normal people. I've got 0 stalker stealth kills too, because I'm pretty sure I blew away like 75% of the infected I ever met.

Still, if you're into the whole stealth thing (I tend to be about 50/50), it'd be a fun challenge for NG+ I guess. I also have 0 defensive clicker shivs (because after early game, I never got grabbed by a clicker again anyway, despite me investing in that skill... ah well, those 75 pills weren't really needed anyway).

#5 Posted by Rikka_Hyou (13 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Ahh fair enough, I couldn't remember the exact stat (Not being sat in front of the console right now).

I managed to stealth a fairly good chunk of the game, though after the Separation within the sewers I ended up just throwing caution to the wind and just using a bottle to attract 3-4+ to one area, just to then throw a Molotov on them...Good times :D

As for shivving the clickers? I got that upgrade pretty late and only used it once, during the dorm section of UEC, I hadn't realized just how many there were down there, or that there was a Bloater. Ended up killing everything, and running from that, no more flamethrower ammo :(

#6 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2594 posts) -

@rikka_hyou: haha - yeah, I think the primary use of shivs in that game for me was Clickers and doors. I almost ran out of shivs in that University. (I don't think I shived a single human in the game, just choked them out - not including when you're playing as ellie of course)

But yeah - the flamethrower and shotgun/hand-cannon are my favourite anti-infected weapons. Those sewers boiled down to me accidentally being seen by one of the infected followed by a mounting pile of corpses in front of me thanks to the mountains of hand-cannon ammo they dropped.

#7 Posted by Rikka_Hyou (13 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Haha, brilliant. That was normally the way, get spotted, then die, or run away and blow them all to hell, either worked! Though I still prefer the burning infected, their screams bring the others closer so that I can in turn, burn them as well!

Though yeah, I think I got all the doors, bar one as I hit the button to shiv someone instead of strangle by accident, damned annoying that was, some of those rooms were incredibly worth it mind.

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Yeah, I saw them maybe once? the entire game. Boxed me in a corridor with only one way out to progress. A few blats and corpses later, progression was made, and I don't think I actually saw them again haha

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@rikka_hyou: For me, I think it was the second or third locked room - just after you find out you can upgrade melee weapons, so I had run out of blades and it was just after you had to kill 2 clickers.

I think I got every other one (yup, double checking there are 11 shiv doors and I have opened 10).

But yeah, Flamethrower is effing OP against infected. I think it one-hit-kills everything but Bloaters? Fantastic weapon, especially with the range upgrade. Then again, I only ever killed 1 bloater (the one you're forced to fight) - every single other one I snuck past.

#10 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

i kinda liked them. just the part of me that say O FUCK CLICKERS!!! just to understand that they are only half way there. not so hard to kill and can still shake em off. i 2 dont think i managed to stealth kill them. i remember in the sewers when your stuck with just sam, they would like run around just taunting you... hard to stealth them.

#11 Posted by JasonR86 (9739 posts) -

@rikka_hyou: I saw about four on normal. Did you not see any in the train tunnels just before the firefly mission starts?

#12 Posted by Rikka_Hyou (13 posts) -

@jasonr86: No, I think I ballsed that section up as I went to stealth kill and managed to miss a runner, alerted them all so I had to end up burning them all up, didn't see any difference during :(

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