Something about this game....

#1 Posted by Fahrenheit (107 posts) -

I just can't seem to finish it. I'm 10 hours in and I just cant force my self back into this game. It's a great game and all I just need to find the urge to beat it.

#2 Edited by JJWeatherman (14795 posts) -

I wish I still owned it. I bought it at Toys R Us with a gift card when I was a kid and I have since lost it. Great game.

#3 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2162 posts) -

I like how there is now a minor surge of interest in this game.  Makes me glad I was not the only one that remembers this game.

#4 Posted by FutonDuke (16 posts) -

I loved playing this game over and over again, each time figuring out something more in depth than the last time...The one thing that pushed me away for prolonged periods of time is when the combat screens would either rotate into oblivion or would just stay black. OR the famous moment after beating the water dragon and dragoon where if you used your dragoon form at all then the game would freeze instantly after the fight was that game

#5 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

Game was awesome. I saw it back when I would watch my brother play all the time. I think he made it pretty close to the end of the game, but I have never seen the ending.

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