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The Legend Of Dragoon review/love letter 1

Recently I had my old copy of The Legend Of Dragoon, LoD for short, repaired and proceeded to blaze through that mother in a week and oh my lord if I hadn't forgotten what a bloody brilliant game it is. And so in its honour I decided to review it for all those who missed out on what could be one of if not the most brilliant JRPG of all time.GRAPHICS:In my opinion the least important part of a game, especially if it's a rpg. LoD was released shortly after Final Fantasy VIII, December 1999 but was...

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The Legend of Dragoon is a solid all around RPG. 0

Overall this game was great, but not quite on a PS1 era Final Fantasy level that they desperately tried to achieve. The battle system is kinda original, but not quite as fleshed out or as fun as later games like Shadow Hearts and felt a little tacked on. There's only a few sidequests to be found in the game and you can't complete them until the end. Leveling up just takes way to slow for me. They split the experience you get between the playable characters, then give the non-used characters a ...

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Underappreciated 2

It may not have been as hyped as Final Fantasy VII, but The Legend of Dragoon is a well-made game with plenty of action to keep you entertained. The Legend of Dragoon is a 4 disc adventure where you meet many colorful characters, face off against your many foes, kill dragons, and find meaning. This game revolves around Dart. A laid back guy who is searching for the Black Monster that destroyed his village and possibly killed his parents. The game starts with Dart getting chased by a large gree...

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a flawed gem for some 0

  The Legend of Dragoon is a bit of a mess. I will make no apologies for this, and shouldn’t have to. Like any game TLOD has high points and low points, and though the low points tend to overwhelm the high, one of the core mechanics of this game is so much fun one can look past the quagmire.   First thing you experience when you boot this gem up is an astoundingly crafted video. These once per disc pre -rendered cinematics are astoundingly beautiful, far too beautiful for the era it was made in...

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back when names like "Dart" were cool. 0

LoD was and is a masterpiece. The graphics for the time were stellar, the story is engrossing and the combat engine, though rough, was novel in its intent. The game is also -to this day- the most highly sought after for a seqeul of any game on any platform ever. Think about that for a second. What on earth is sony waiting for? probably, for xbox360 to steal the rights to it. heh heh.The game featured the use of dragoons as a special attack implement, and the story twists and weaves in such a way...

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Bad Writing, Fun Battle System = Great RPG? 0

The Legend of Dragoon was an RPG released for the Sony Playstation back in 2000, it featured some nice graphics, a cool story, one of the most enjoyable RPG battle engines in a long time, but the localization/translation of the game’s text is what impacts this game the most in the long run. The game starts as most Japanese RPG’s do, innocently, a young man named Dart has returned from a quest to avenge his parent’s deaths at the hands of the Black Monster to find his country in a time of war. Hi...

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Uncle Longfellow's Legend of Dragoon Review 0

Backstory: My relationship with The Legend of Dragoon is a strange one. I was eight years old when it came out, but I didn't actually play it until a few years later. I remember going to Wal-Mart with my mom frequently when I was that age, and I'd always wander over to the electronics section at some point and stare at the video games locked away in the glass cases. This was a time before I knew much about video games, and I definitely had no way of researching or reading about them prior to hol...

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