Did you know Link was a pervert in the Japanese version?

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Like many Nintendo games in the past, small, subtle changes were made to suit the American audience. This usually included the removal of sexual and religious stuff, and Link's Awakening was no different.

First, Link's Awakening originally came out on Game Boy 1993 (in Europe) before the DX version was released on Game Boy Colour around five years later. Here's the interesting stuff:

There is a mermaid who lost her necklace in the game. Well, at least in the US version and a few language versions in Europe (the English one for example) that is. In the Japanese version and in most European language versions, she lost her bra (LOL). This was changed in ALL European language versions for the DX game - now she lost her necklace. However, in the Japanese DX version, she still losts her bra. Leave it to the Japanese to have no problems with sexual innuendo.

Hackers have implemented the original text and actions into the DX version, which can be seen here:


As you can see, there's also a naked hippo with huge boobs who tries to cover herself when Link gets close. In the western version, she has no towel but no boobs either, she just looks like a plain ol' hippo. The idea is that the artist in the same room paints a nude picture, but not in the western version.

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I'm American.

I have no problem with sexual innuendo.

Also, this is stupid (and flagged).

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Are all your posts about something sexual? Kinda creepy

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@TooWalrus said:

I'm American.

I have no problem with sexual innuendo.

Also, this is stupid (and flagged).

Err... for what?

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@takayamasama said:

Are all your posts about something sexual? Kinda creepy

I have no problems talking about sexual related stuff. Are you uncomfortable doing that or something?

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I was expecting something related to Link peeping on Zelda, not this trivial shit.


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Dude, he's a pervert in the American version, too:

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