Is it worth £19.61

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Hi bombers.
I've recently been in the market of buying games that maybe didn't score super-high, but are still good in some ways. I started with Alpha Protocol a few days back, and I really enjoyed it. I don't see very critically toward games, and can enjoy most games despite their flaws. I'm trying to stay clear of FPSs for a while as it's all I've played for a long time. But that's another matter.
Back when The Saboteur new, I was super-pumped for this game. Then, when I saw the overall mediocre I was kinda put off, and didn't feel like putting down $60 on it. Recently, I saw it in stores however and thought to check out the price on Lo and behold, a whooping £12.76, I was once again interested. (the extra money goes to shipping, since I'm not actually from the UK)
My question for you though, is if it's worth it. Or should I get another game instead?

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No idea what happened to cause the double post. Sorry about that. Feel free to lock one of them, mods.

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Absotively. It's a surprisingly long game, and while the side stuff will get repetitive, there's still no denying the great amount of content it has.

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It sure is.
THis sure is a fun game to play, Ive played it thru twice now. It has really nice setting and its one of the funniest world war 2 games I ever played to date.

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