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You take control of Mathayus and try to rescue your wife, Cassandra who was kidnapped by King Menthu and Osiris. In order to defeat the evil Menthu and Osiris you need to collect gems for the Hero's Gauntlet. The Hero's Gauntlet is a wrist strap that can grant the wearer incredible power and strength. You will traverse through six worlds to collect these gems and rescue your wife, Cassandra.


One of many boss encounters

Scorpion King plays out like a simple action and platform game. You will usually fight of different enemies with the use of your sword and scimitars. Each weapon is needed to complete the game because they each have there own abilities. The abilities are usually done by holding the attack button to charge your weapon powers. The game also has many platform elements with many of the obstacles you usually come by in a platformer such as spikes and pits to avoid. You are also given a wall jump ability that could help you move through levels and find secret areas. Each a of the six worlds has you battle a boss, but the gameplay remains the same in these encounters. After you defeat each boss you will be awarded one of the gems for the Hero's Gauntlet.

Aside from the main game there is also a side quest you can choose to do. This quest allows you to search for secret passages with in levels that will lead to a transporter. Once you are transported you will progress through platform heavy levels. At the end of each level you will be awarded an emblem. You do not need to find these to complete the game. Finding these will allow you to play the game again as Mathayus's wife, Cassandra.

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