Hint System, I love you.

#1 Posted by Stackboy (530 posts) -

I bought this on XBLA when it was on special, not really expecting to get into it, but just curious about the new art style.
I love the hint system the game helps you with! Press X once and it gives you a little nudge. Press it again and it gives you more specifics. Press it again and it gives you a handy arrow, pointing you in the right direction. Half the time I have no idea where I'm meant to be looking. 
I usually hate cheating (hints are cheating, don't you know), but this time around I find it a godsend.  I'll see it through to the end, thanks to the hint system.

#2 Posted by Bennyishere (1685 posts) -

Same here. I tried to go without it, but it was confusing as fuck at times. I will have to use a guide and go through it again for the rest of the achievements, though.

#3 Posted by senote (66 posts) -

They should put something like that in those shitty games where you have no clue what you're doing.

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