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The location of The Slaughterhouse is in the city of Nekros located in the first plane of the Netherrealm. The hazy city is surrounded by fog, but the unseen evil lies inside the shrouded building.
A constant feed of man and animal into the grinders keep the river of blood flowing through this dark complex.
Explaining the concept  Tony Goskie said about the stage: I had planned on having saw blades on the side walls that would injure the player during a fight. I was also going to put piles of meat in the corners.
Artwork, concept and game art by Tony Goskie


The first look MK fans got at the Slaughterhouse was in MK: Deception.

Death Trap

One of the most original death traps in the game is the one found in the Slaughterhouse.
Tony Goskie originally  "planned to have pieces of meat hanging that the player could hit and the meat grinder was laying at an angle. You would have to pop up the player to knock him in. Ed Boon thought it would be better if it was vertical" and thus it was revised to the final design seen in the game.

The stage fatality was featured heavily in the original marketing advertisements for the game. The animation would never be shown in it's entirety but the sight of spinning spiked pillars jamming with a body between was quite shocking, no blood necessary. Of course the outcome is just an wild as the start, a new classic for the MK franchise.

Worst turnstile ever.
Worst turnstile ever.

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