Did you ever cry during any of the episodes? (Spoilers)

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I came very close at the end of Episode 5.

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@JasonR86 said:

@Kerned said:

Yes, in episodes 3 and 5. But more so in 3.

(By the way, real men aren't afraid to cry or express emotions.)


Guilty. :)

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I think it's silly how some people are trying to quantify their reaction. Everyone reacts a little differently to things like this. I don't think whether water flowed from your eyes is the important question...just whether you found it moving. I definitely did.

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I was extremely close. But then my brain sucked the tears back up. I wanted to cry!

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i define crying as breaking down for like a minute or 2 after said piece of entertainment, didnt do that.

i teared up hard though

#107 Posted by WMoyer83 (722 posts) -

No, but the game did make me feel a bit emotional. I felt I had built relationships with the characters so when they died It did feel shitty.

#108 Posted by TheHT (12336 posts) -

Last episode, last scene, two tears.

#109 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

Didn't openly weep or anything, but I've never had a game affect me emotionally like this one did. So unless Dishonored or Halo 4 really blow my mind, Walking Dead is my GotY.

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I did not start full-on crying during that final scene. But I was damn close, especially when Clem said how she couldn't bear to lose her parents and then Lee. A few tears were shed there.

#111 Posted by ShaggE (7149 posts) -

Love the internet tough guy posts. Methinks some people doth protest too much.

#112 Posted by biggiedubs (524 posts) -

Came real fucking close at the very end.

#113 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1085 posts) -

My cousin, my sister, and I were all at a loss for words, though no tears were shed.

#114 Posted by gaminghooligan (1691 posts) -

I cried. Man that song though that brought me right back around and craving next season.

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Teared up at the end of 5. It joins MGS 3, 4 and Half Life 2: Ep 2 in my "Produce Manly Tears List"

#116 Posted by downtime58 (234 posts) -

It was working it's way through me when I finally realized Lee really wasn't going to make it - and the clincher was I'll miss you.

#117 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1105 posts) -

I started sobbing through whole last sequence of episode 5. On the other sign of the coin though, I practically cried tears of joy after I found clem.

#118 Posted by thesage (53 posts) -

I teared up a bit at the last scene of the Ep 5, and that folk song that plays during the credits does not help at all. That song sends chills down my spine now.

I didn't really feel anything with Duck at Ep 3. though, I tried getting him killed since the very beginning of Ep.1 and was trying to get rid of him the whole time. I was very shocked by Katya though.

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Uh no. I have laughed my ass off numerous times though.

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I'd love for a game to be able to make me cry, but this one wasn't it. We kind of knew what was going to happen by the end of episode 4, and then at the end of episode 5 it happens. It was definitely depressing, but the amount of time I had to brace myself dampened the emotion a bit I think. I might have cried if I had let Clementine shoot me, but I couldn't do that to her.

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The only time I ever cried during any kind of entertainment piece was the ending of One Flew Over the Cuckos Nest. And I was 18 the first time I watch that... Man that movie is hard to watch. So joyful and yet so fucking depressing. Man...

Oh the Walking Dead? No, not really. Episode 3 didn't do anything for me as I pretty much hated all characters involved in that scene. And Carly getting shot just made my blood boil. The ending of the season certainly affected me however, probably more than any game has before.

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@papercut said:

Fuck all yall. I cried like a little bitch.

I don't cry in games. I might get a little teary eyed here and there but I've never cried. The end of episode 5 had me balling.

Exactly my experience... damn that ending.

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  I guess this is appropriate here? 
Also no never.
#124 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5204 posts) -

@warpr said:

@papercut said:

Fuck all yall. I cried like a little bitch.

I don't cry in games. I might get a little teary eyed here and there but I've never cried. The end of episode 5 had me balling.

Exactly my experience... damn that ending.

Yep. That was fucking rough. I suppose your mileage may vary based on whether or not you connect with Clementine and the other survivors, but for me I did. And having to say goodbye to that little girl was too much. I got real weepy.

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I thought Episode 3 was majorly fucked up.

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I cried when I saw the 50% price cut a couple of days after I bought the games.

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I got misty-eyed at the end. It's so sad when you think about the hell your character went through the series. The ending kept me blank staring at the screen until the credits were done and the game loaded back to main menu.

What an emotional rollercoaster this game has been. Without a doubt Telltales finest work yet. We need more games like this.

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Yeah the end had me misty. I definitively have felt emotions during the episodes but not close to really tearing up as I did with the end. And I even surprised myself when it felt my throat choking up and it put a smile one my face as I thought that a video game put me to tears. Lee's and Clementines relationship reminds me of the son and father in The Road (A book, and I'll be honest film that also brought me to tears) with just how they go through all this fucked up stuff.

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Nope, but I felt like shit the whole time.

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Moist eyes and lump in the throat time at the end for sure. I think Telltale really knocked it out of the park with series and I'm really hoping that the voice actors win their respective VGAs for their great performances I wouldn't claim TWD is the first game to move me so (I'm pretty sure Thanes death in ME3 was a tough one to take and there's been a few others besides) however I thought in the case of TWD that albeit the ending is extremely sad there is something cathartic about it.

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Did not cry at all at first. Teared up when Kat died and I had to shoot Duck. Really teared up when I had to bury the zombie kid.

Sniffed a bit when Kenny and Ben died (More for Kenny than anything)

And from the moment we see Clem's parents, I started tearing and started crying all the way from that point, making the choices I know was right (Getting Clem to shoot Lee) and cried right as the credits rolled.

It was tough

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I was invested in the characters and the story but not affected by it until the last few minutes. Navigating the final conversation to find what Clementine wanted was painful and draining. Once the decision was made, it became easier.

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Yes I did.

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