My gnomish pants are making my legs invisible.

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I made some gnomish pattern breechers (sp?) in the 3rd chapter after getting some gargoyle parts. I put them on and my legs go invisible. I've searched online for that item, but there doesn't seem to be anything about it. What can I do about this? The pants are better than my current set and they add 20 points to my carry weight capacity.

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@Demoskinos said:

@golguin: Is that the name of them? Cause I'm looking at this list of armor and see nothing called that mentioned.

That is their name. That list doesn't even have a section for "G". I've read the Assassins of Kings edition has armor and weapons not found in the original game. I made the pants from a schematic a picked up long before chapter 3. I was never able to make it because there were no gargoyles to kill and I needed 3 gargoyle hearts to make it (already had the other crafting components).

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I seem to remember that bug occuring in the original quick look coverage of the game. No idea if there's a fix, though.

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