The Witcher 2 Soundtrack Question (360)

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The 360 preorder comes with the official soundtrack, but without a track listing (at least not one that I have found yet). This wiki article isn't correct and I'm guessing that's because it's referring to the soundtrack that came with the PC version. Does anyone know where to find the correct track listing?

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@Cusseta: I compared the following three versions:

  1. Xbox 360 CD version, labeled `360_Sound` - 24 tracks - 73:50 or 1h13m15s
  2. European Premium Edition CD version, labeled `TW_Audio` - 23 tracks - 73:01 or 1h13m1s
  3. MP3 download version updated for Enhanced Edition, hereafter referred to as `gog_ee` - 46 tracks - 122:24 or 2h2m24s - MP3 at 320 kbps

ad 2. There does not appear to be any differences between US and EU physical editions that came with the respective Premium or Collector's editions, Russian and perhaps other releases may differ though.

ad 3. MP3 version contains 4 bonus tracks (not included in count), as did the version available for download prior to Enhanced Edition release.

After comparing tracks for length and content, I came to the conclusion that the tracks of the `360_Sound` version are the first 24 tracks of the `gog_ee` version:

  1. Within the Temeria (Intro) - 01:33
  2. Assassins of Kings - 02:08
  3. A Nearly Peaceful Place - 04:07
  4. Arena of Rage - 01:13
  5. Dwarven Stone upon Dwarven Stone - 07:34
  6. Through the Underworld - 03:48
  7. Tough Times - 01:46
  8. Into the Fields - 05:49
  9. An Army Lying in Wait - 03:54
  10. A Watering Hole in the Harbor - 02:38
  11. Blue Mountains (Edit Version) - 03:46
  12. The Path of a Kingslayer 01:27
  13. Within the Mist 03:03
  14. Regicide 01:48
  15. The Wild Hunt 01:19
  16. Vergen by Night (Edit Version) 05:17
  17. Souls in Ruin 04:46
  18. A Quiet Corner 03:16
  19. The Assassin Looms 01:06
  20. Dreary Stronghold 04:13
  21. Howl of the White Wolf 01:56
  22. Sorceresses 02:01
  23. The End is Never the Same 03:18
  24. War is Coming (Outro) 02:01

ad 1. The `00_soundtrak_MP3_credits.txt`, lists this track as "Within the Temeria (Intro)", both the filename and the id3 tag are "In Temeria (Intro)" though. "Within the Temeria" is the correct track title (ref)

ad 16. Manually inserted 'Edit Version' considering `360_Sound` and `gog_ee` versions are the same but different (shorter) than the 'regular' version e.g. the one on `TW_Audio` which has a length of 7m27s. Actual track lenght/duration is 5:17 and not 07:29 as mentioned in text file (see below).

This is a modified copy/paste of the `00_soundtrak_MP3_credits.txt` file included in the Bonus content download, original text-only readable here for reference.

Note that the track length for `360_Sound` version is typically one or two seconds longer than the length of the corresponding `gog_ee` MP3 file. Also, total track length may depend on (my) math proficiency.

NB: This is a compiled listing, not an official one; I do believe it to be accurate though. There is also a topic on the official Witcher forums about this, which may or may not receive an official reply at some point, so keep an eye on that too.

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