Tips on combining light and heavy attacks?

#1 Posted by plethomacademia (9 posts) -

I keep hearing people say that you can combine heavy and light attacks to be more effective, but I can't find a good video/tutorial on how to do this. Does anyone have any thoughts or a link?

#2 Posted by mak_wikus (644 posts) -

There are no "combos", if that's what you're looking for. Experiment, man. Alternate between attacks and signs. There are a lot of possibilities in The Witcher 2.

#3 Posted by katanalauncher (224 posts) -

Just do one or two light attack first, then follow with a heavy attack.

#4 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

Witcher 2 has light and heavy attacks? You just hit the left mouse button and Geralt strikes!

#5 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

I don't use heavy attack unless I'm sure I can pull it off, ie. Geralt won't get hit in the meantime he swings his sword. That being said, if the enemy I am facing is vulnerable to heavy attacks, I try to set up traps or Yrden to make sure I don't get interrupted. Managing to get behind someone's back also helps.

#6 Posted by plethomacademia (9 posts) -

Ah, I've heard multiple people use the word "combo," I'm glad I wasn't missing something obvious. Some good tips in here, thanks!

#7 Posted by Humanity (11866 posts) -

I f you get the Whirl ability that does damage to multiple enemies, then you can sometimes use the heavy attacks as crowd control. Whenever I was fighting enemies that usually staggered a bit and weren't too tough I'd use two light attacks followed by three heavies. You can usually get 3 heavy attacks in before they block and stagger you, which is bad. On some enemies it's a lot wiser to just get in a bunch of light strikes and roll away. Always be rollin' (son)

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