What do I upgrade on my PC

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So here's the situation: I've recently installed The Witcher 2. And though I suspected it wouldn't run on Ultra, it only just runs on medium (barely). So I've been thinking on upgrading so I can run it on (nearly) max settings.  A friend of mine also bought The Witcher 2 and he can run it on Ultra. The only difference between our PC's is our Processor (see below): 
 My spec: 

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (2 x 3.0 GHz)
  • Radeon HD 4870 
  • RAM: 6 Gb
His spec: 
  •  i7 2700K (4x 3.4 GHz)
  •  Nvidia GTX 360 (same quallity as mine)
  •  RAM: 4 Gb
The thing is, if I look at our specs and at the system specifications on the box: I need a new processor. However the best processor that can fit in my motherboard is a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 (4x 3.0 Ghz). After some research we found out that my current processor has a score of about 3000, the new Intel one has a score of 4100, and his has a score of 10.000 (score is based on calculations per second according to some hardware websites). This would mean that upgrading my processor to the new one is useless, and his or any other (better) one wont fit in my motherboard (Asus P5Q3). So what do I do? Do I wait and hope Intel releases a new processor for my chipset? Can I also fix this problem by replacing my (somewhat older) grafics card.  Or am I ^%$ and I need a new motherboard and possibly a entire new rig? 
Sorry if there a lot of grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.
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I'd say just buy a new rig tbh. There will never be another new LGA775 processor, so you need a new motherboard. And if you are buying a new motherboard, cpu, and vga you may aswell just go the whole hog and buy a new rig.

If you post your budget, and a reliable website that ships to the country you are based I/we can help you choose a new setup.

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I find this strange. I have a "much lower" (not really) CPU than you, had the same GPU (I assume it's the 1gb version?), 2gb less RAM and i could run The Withcer 2 on high with 720p resolution with about 30 or less frames. I recently upgraded my GPU to a GTX 560 ti-OC edition and i'm currently running it in 1080p on high with about 60 frames.

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I would say both of you have outdated gfx cards but I would guess his cpu is picking up some of the slack.

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@FritzDude: The difference between 1280*720 and 1920*1080 is pretty big though.

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@AlexW00d:  A new rig isn't financial possible for a while. The main reason for this post was my lack of knowledge on the difference between CPU, gfx card, performance and what my options are. Thanks for the offer though :). 
@FritzDude: I'll run another test on high and see how it goes. It is the 1 gb version by the way.
Guess I'll buy a new rig, maybe next year if I'm lucky :D.
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@AlexW00d said:


@FritzDude: The difference between 1280*720 and 1920*1080 is pretty big though.



I play on a 40" TV, so yes, it's a big difference in the color, resolution and textures for me (and i got rid of the stupid black lines too with 1080), but the point was that i just upgraded my GPU and got a much better experience graphic-wise with a general half-assed 4-6 years old PC. I'm not sure what the original poster use for his standard resolution in gaming though, but depending on the screen resolution and size, dropping it down shouldn't be to heart-breaking?
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@FritzDude: I run my monitor on 1680x1050, tried 1280x960 for the game but those are some BIG ASS black lines. Not sure yet what I prefer though, high resolution but medium settings and 'meh' framerate. Or black lines with high settings. 
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Replace the E8400 with a Q9550, that will more or less max out the CPU on a Socket 775 (I still run a Q9550). RAM is fine. I'd consider upgrading the graphics card as well. Possibly something like a GTX 460. This will more or less max out your PC. Honestly a Q9550 is perfectly fine in this day and age. PC Gamer suggested anyone still on a Socket 775 move on up to a 1155 but I think it's a bunch of bull. I run Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 perfectly at 1080 with a Q9550, 8gigs of RAM and a GTX280 (will replace when I have the money, keep on having issues with it and having to RMA it over and over again with EVGA).

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@Subject2Change: This is true, but I'd rather soke it up and play Witcher 2 on medium and upgrade in a year / year and a half completely. Then spend 600+ Euros on new hardware that has to be replaced in the near future anyway.

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