Anyone Excited About This?

#1 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4610 posts) -

Now that Telltale is the fanciest little developer in town with The Walking Dead, I'm curious as to how much attention their Fables game is going to get. I dunno how many people here read the series - it has a really interesting premise, although I had to give up on it eventually because it became this weird political utopianism thing, all the characters became kind of insufferable, and then there was this big crossover that didn't explain anything so I just said fuck it. At the same time, I'm interested in what Telltale can do with the franchise, although from the brief bit of the Walking Dead that I played I'm not entirely sure it's going to be my kind of game.

#2 Posted by Donkeycow (558 posts) -

I personally don't like the base premise, but that being said it could still turn out interesting and i will be paying attention to anything Telltale does after the Walking Dead.

#3 Posted by Raven10 (1925 posts) -

I haven't read the comics but I heard good things about them when they first hit. I'll be interested to see what Telltale comes up with.

#4 Posted by ArtisanBreads (3998 posts) -

I know nothing about the comic but I'll give any Telltale game a look.

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