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They Bleed Pixels is an Absolute Fucker -- You Should Play It 0

There’s something about a game that’s impossibly challenging yet mechanically precise, a game in which every fault you make is entirely your own, requiring a level of determination and skill (and an Everest-sized mountain of luck) that constantly propels the player forward. It’s addicting — incredibly so — with a cathartic release unlike anything else in video games. And so They Bleed Pixels, the latest outing by Spooky Squid Games, joins the ranks of such “fuck you” titles as Super Meat Boy and...

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Awesome Action Platformer That Was Overlooked 0

People saw they bleed pixels and immediately assumed it was another super meat boy clone. Sure, it attacks the same nostalgia receptor in your pixel filled nogan, but does so a bit differently.(I'm not gonna write a whole lot about it, only some summarizing thoughts)The soundtrack is F'ing killer, utilizing synth and modulation in some really interesting ways (those note drops are so gooood)the art direction and overall style of the game is hawt. Great pixel art, and great sound designit employs...

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They Bleed Pixels Review 0

They Bleed Pixels is a 2D puzzle/platform game on Steam. It was released on the 29th of August. Why did it take me so long to post a review, you ask? Lets just say I like to finish games before I write about them. I pushed and pushed my way through this game and still haven't finished it. It is insanely hard and insanely frustrating and insanely fun.The premise is simple enough. You play as a young girl who has gotten a hold of a book that turns her dreams into Eldritch horrors. Her hands turn i...

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I Bleed Pixels! Oh so very many Pixels. 4

They Bleed Pixels isn't for the faint of heart, if you like games like Super Meat boy and Super Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy... you get the idea.TBP is precision platformer with "one button" (also makes use of the directional keys) brawling and combo mechanics, also notable is a checkpoint system that allows the player to choose when and where to make a save point.Needless to say, she is not having a good week at school.The look of the game is a retro pixel feast, I personally can't say no to any...

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An excellent platformers for fans of the genre 0

It is easy to dismiss They Bleed Pixels as another indie platformer with pixel art, because... well... it is. But unlike every other indie platformer, the game doesn't just add a twist to the platforming and relies only on that. The reason I like this game so much is that it excels at everything it does. The platforming is really solid, the levels get really tough and will test your skill and the game has a lot of secondary "objectives" that make you play each level a lot of different ways. And ...

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