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The players will take the role of Duncan Penguin who loves to skate on dangerously thin ice, but his friends (Bobo, P.J., Minky and Norman) are not to happy about this and they are trying to stop Duncan from having a great time. As the players control Duncan on the ice he'll leave a white line behind him (carving in the ice), the goal of the game is to make a square with the white line while the other penguins are inside. When a circle is complete the animals who were inside will turn into ice-cubes. But watch out because there are others out to get you, a red seal who will send the players flying if it gets to close and who also will repair the damage you are doing to the ice (the white lines), the seal will also return onto the screen after a short while if it was trapped in a square and a Polar Bear. Players will have the option to swim across the water where the ice has been carved out, this will however result the disappearance of the white line. Once all the other penguins have been turned into ice-cubes a new level will start with a Zamboni driving across the ice and fixing it.

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